Your backpack and your Ego

Have you ever felt stressed or scared when jumping into a new adventure, either a professional or personal one?

Did you know that it is the Ego standpoint that makes it scary? Did you know that the Ego is the one to put the cart before the horses, making you feel scared for the task ahead making you think you are not ready for it? It is that Ego standpoint that can make you see the adventure like you were about to climb Mt. Everest.

Often, this is when some might say to stop listening to your fear and go ahead.

I say this is the moment to be wise and to listen to what the Ego is saying, so you can either shut if off from feeding a false fear because you all fully ready and prepared (so yes go ahead), or you can see what needs to be added to your backpack to make the adventure as wonderful as it is meant to be. It’s easy, the step that scares you is very often the one that will need a skill or (some) knowledge or trust.

Jumping into a new adventure or a bigger one can be emotionally challenging. There is stress related to it, and the good thing is that the stress is the indication to check into your backpack and the itinerary you see, remembering that there might be more that are unknown to you and that is okay.

How often have you received a wonderful idea being all excited about it and working to make it happen, yet one day you found yourself in a worrying or stressful mental state of mind… where it suddenly seemed bigger and more difficult than you expected it to be. This is when the Ego suddenly tried to put the cart before the horses. This might be when you start seeing images where you might start doubting your abilities. Well, guess what? It is okay. It is normal. You are simply seeing what you need to be prepared for, the skills to refine, the learning to master… which you might already have. In that case, stop feeding the fear.

That’s it. It is nothing more than that. This is where instead of feeding the Ego-based thoughts, you make your Ego your ally. Once you start looking at what is to be placed into your backpack to move forward step by step with ease and fun, you will know what to prepare and you feel the stress melting around and within you.

Instead of looking at what is scaring you, start looking into your backpack to see all you have to face the steps and simply prepare yourself. Once you know you have all it takes, then you can tell your Ego, it’s okay you’ve got this… and move forward with faith and trust.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂

P.s.: The photo was taken a few years ago when climbing Mt. Washington. It’s funny because this blog today came to my mind while working on a new professional project, and I found myself looking into my professional backpack.



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