Your attention

It does not matter what you care for… but when you care for something, you help it get better, bigger or grow…. because you tend to it and you put your attention and focus to it.

It is the same with things you do not want to see get bigger and grow… yes… the same energy you put into caring for something you dislike or wish to change or let go… the same attention and focus you put into it… you help it get bigger and grow maybe even closer.

Compassion is being concerned by what might be happening but feeding the negativity that might come with it does not help change the situation or what is… but it does help feed the ego-oriented mind.

Instead of feeding the “concerns”, you can ask yourself what you care for in the situation, what you would like to see better, or bigger, or grow… and it will show you where to put that caring attention and focus.

And once aware… it becomes a clear choice to care for what you wish to see grow or care to feed the negative and concerns.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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