Your foot on the clutch

Do you drive with your foot on the clutch?

If you drive a manual transmission, you will understand what I mean.

If you do not, it means that to shift gears, you put your foot on the clutch, so you disengage the gear you are on to engage in the next one either a lower or higher one, then you let go of the clutch to drive on that one.

Driving with a foot on the clutch means that you might be engaged but not fully engaged… not 100%, although you might think you are.

It could be because you are not sure about letting go of the change you just made, or you keep yourself ready to disengage to shift back to the last one. It could also be that you are not even aware that you keep your foot on the clutch avoiding the gear change to be completed.

It could also be because you might not trust your skills, or you might think you “will choke”, or you might fear you will not have enough time to shift back, or you might not trust your intuition in hearing when the engine will need a gear shift. There could be a good number of reasons.

Does this make it a little clearer about why one might keep a foot on the clutch?

Now this being said, do you go on with your life changes with your foot on the clutch?

Do you move forward with dreams or projects or relationships, keeping in mind that you can always go back to what was… so even if you work hard at it, you kind of are ready to fall back?

Do you work really hard on something that never seem to attain its full potential result because you have your foot on the clutch, so you prevent it from being its full potential?

How often do you work on your dreams to find yourself with a plan B in mind, or an old known safe plan in mind?

How often do you put so much effort with all your focus on all the many tasks and things to look into, when all you have to do is let go of the clutch between gears to breathe a little and get a clearer mind and enjoy the ride?

You know there are even cruise control options on manual transmissions? Well, driving the foot on the clutch might not even make you notice it, less to say try it because that trusting the gear and your intuition might be greatly challenged.

So, when something does not seem to move forward, in the many possible reasons there might be in your mind about it, look if you are going at it on two gears… with your foot on the clutch. You will have to decide and make it clear before you exhaust yourself.

And once you decide which gear you want to go on with, breathe in and enjoy the road. That decision will have its own speed level. The more you are aware of your ego’s influence, the better you will know when it is time to shift gears, either slowing down or speeding up.

What comes to your mind when you read that you might be having your foot on the clutch? I invite you to take the time to meditate on this to learn how to be better with your skills of listening when it is time to trust and shift gears.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂

(Note: This is an edited version 2022. I am editing each blog article to bring them into their book form correcting typos and adding little things here and there to make the content complete. I thought it would better reflect its message in giving you the edited version.)



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