Custom-made rest

It is okay and necessary to rest…yet, so many people think a busy schedule is a must and rest is when they sleep… not only they do not allow rest to be part of their life, but they do not see how much productivity there is in resting.

Stillness is full of answers.

Stillness is where you are being done.

Resting is allowing stillness.

Guilt comes often with inactivity… as so many grew up being told to work hard and nothing comes easy and not working is being lazy. It is a common mistaken education principle.

There are so many reasons to rest. And each one has its own reason to rest.

You might be doing the same tasks as someone else and yet you do not feel the need to rest when the other does or you might not understand the other’s different reasons. You might need to rest when the other does not see it the same way and feel judge maybe even guilty. You might even think that is it a waste of time. You could be on either side of the balance depending on your personal situation and opinion of the moment.

Besides the physical need to rest, there is the inner need to rest. The one where one might hear the calling for some inner talk and some inner focus away from all.

One might be in conversation with its Ego and one might be in conversation with its inner guidance therefore… one might think the other one is wasting its time… which one? Maybe both!

Resting can be learning in progress for some as they might have to learn to listen to their inner voice they try to shut down. They might have to learn to let go of beliefs or learn to let go of what seem to be important values… or so they thought.

To learn how to rest… for whatever reason you might need to… find your own divine and natural protection. The one that will be aligned with who you are and how you are. Make it custom-made…. so you can rest with peace of mind.

Learn how to rest with no guilt but instead with a productive feeling that you are either receiving inspired actions or that you are being made which is like being given awareness of your thoughts and what they hold so you can let go of what does not aligned with your authentic self. It is understanding your emotion and energy. It is also sometimes required to stop some negativity.

There is so much productivity in resting and in stillness, so find your inner okayness to feel that you are allowed to rest between actions and inspired actions.

Most of all… do not time it, which would be not allowing yourself the proper time to fully receive.

I am not talking here about the break time at work or at school… I am talking about your thoughts and beliefs on resting and stillness… on how you are allowed to rest.

Find your divine and natural protection and rest.

Nathalie 🙂



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