Dealing with the Universe

How often do you think you deal with the Universe when it comes to others?

Guess what? You might be doing it more often than you think… and on a daily basis and maybe right now. Yes! Really!

Here are a few examples so you can see what I mean.

Have you ever found yourself requesting or praying, or thanking in advance for someone to feel better because you wanted to ___ (fill in the blank)?

Have you ever found yourself requesting for something to happen to someone else because you wanted ___ (fill in again)?

Have you ever found yourself requesting a specific state of mind, an uplift of energy to someone else because otherwise you would ___ (fill in the blank again)?

Have you ever done this kind of prayer or request to find out that nothing that was requested happened?

Oh! You could also apply these to a business environment.

Have you ever wished for some situation to be resolved because you wanted to ___ (fill in the blank)?

You get the idea?

Well, that was you wishing a deal with the Universe.  That was you requesting for an end result to someone else, when the end result for someone else is not yours to decide.

Asking with a loving thought for someone else is not the same as asking what you wish for yourself in the same request or prayer.

To be clear, you were trying to make a kind and nice deal with the Universe. You may have asked something kind… loving… nice… generous for the other… still it was a deal. You wanted peace of mind for yourself. You wanted peace of heart for yourself. Yes, pray and ask for others, but keep in mind that you cannot make deals for others.

What you wanted from that deal is what to ask for. The Universe has its own way to make things happening and its own timing upon the free will of all, and also knows the life lessons of everyone. The Universe knows the details and components and timing of other people’s dreams.

When you wish for something for you… stop dealing through kindness for others.

Be courageous to speak your truth. After all, you are only talking to the Universe!

It is not selfish to desire to feel good and peaceful and joyful. There is no need to talk with the Universe like if anything could be hidden from it! In dealing through kindness, you only delay everything for yourself as the Universe will try to make you see it through many challenges anyhow. The Universe is there waiting for your request, the one from your heart.

When you wish for something, just ask and listen. Ask yourself if you ask correctly to make sure you are clear about your genuine request.

Now take the time to see your requests your already made to the Universe and course-correct them.

Be true to yourself. Be aligned with your Authentic Self. What would be the point of hiding what you truly want?

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂

(Note: This is an edited version 2022. I am editing each blog article to bring them into their book form correcting typos and adding little things here and there to make the content complete. I thought it would better reflect its message in giving you the edited version.)



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