The seed in the pen

Do you sometimes wonder how you went from being truly happy… feeling how life is great to you… to find yourself into some sadness energy without understanding how this feeling got into you?

Sometimes the seed is in the pen!

I love to write, and I love writing with a smooth pen, one of those where words seem to be appearing without efforts and where the ink looks velvety and silky and shines as it goes. I love to write with fine ones too. It makes me happy. I write a lot!

Once a while I get fancy pens and use them for special writings and cards.

Yesterday I took my last pen in my reserve and this morning when I was taking notes the ink was already pale and barely coming out.

As little and silly as this might sound… shaking my pen to get the last of it and looking if I might have misplaced another one so I could use it… a seed was already planted… I was “lacking of’ something I love.

I did not care much about it except telling myself I should go to the store to get some more soon to…oh why not now it will be done.  I buy them by the dozen so I will be good for a few days.

One thing leading to the other…. I was ready to go but did not feel like going to the store for only that so I started making a short list of what to get in the same time.

In a matter of few minutes, I found myself with a list costing more than the budget I had in mind.

My seed was growing. I was watering it.

I started feeling sadness without thinking much of it… I just felt it.

Then someone call and it went straight to my voice mail… I listened and it was a annoying message.

It was feeling wrong… so I stopped it all.

Got some fresh coffee that I just made… took some other fancier pen I had and sat outside to write to clear my mind.

Talking to myself I was thinking how smooth this fancy one was. How cool it was that I had them in all colors wondering why I do not use them more often… like keeping them for “rich occasion”.

And I laughed at myself like I often do.

I was not lacking anything at all… not lacking pens…not lacking smooth ones and not lacking anything as I forced myself to believe making a list earlier of what was missing… when I had plenty of other things.

I was now sitting  with my coffee… observing how I was using a more expansive pen to take notes and how abundant I was for using one that cost 5 times the others I use daily and how funny all that was and how awesome this experience was since I was coming outside to sit down and write my daily article. And I never know in advance what I will write… until I sit down to do it…. and here was today’s blog.

I was actually feeling very “rich” to use this fancy pen to write when earlier I was feeding the lack of energy.  And the sadness I felt for few minutes… wasn’t anymore. I was aware of its seed and I was aware of the tending to it I could have continued to do.

LOA followers often hear about cutting the momentum at its beginning when it is still going slow enough to stop it… not really knowing how to in a daily practice.

You just need to open your awareness… to work on your personal awareness development. Learn to see the present moment and truly live in the present moment.

The more you are aware the more you can catch yourself when you will plan a seed with a pen.

I never though my love for pens would end up in an awareness article… well… it makes sense… I love them, I love to write and this is my blog helping others to create awareness… pure manifestation… again.

Nathalie 🙂



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