Welcome the unknown

Looking at all that brought you in your now…

when all the steps, the inspired actions and your inner guidance were in harmony, and things were done effortlessly… and when they are in your now… that is a big indicator of the unknown being part of the steps. An indicator that the unknown is there to heal old issues… a necessary step.

Looking into your fears and understanding them with what you know from your heart might not always result in what you had in mind… but with awareness and openness on the life lessons from them… will come peace of mind.

Trusting the present moment and not worrying which mean not thinking over and over that you are not enough or that you do not have enough is you using your Ego to learn as a teacher instead of your Ego guiding you.

Through awareness you can see that the Universe has you covered, whatever your spiritual beliefs are.

… and you can now welcome the unknown.

Nathalie 🙂



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