Birthday reset

Today is a special day so I started with baking a cake and while it is in the oven, I did a Birthday-Spread card reading and I was very happy to do it with my two new decks I received in time to do this.

I would like to share this with you so you can see how cards can be such beautiful mentors and friends for a personal growth.

The first card is what was happening this past year… because I decided that it was going to reflect that before choosing the card… to make sure I wrap it up wisely not leaving any unfinished business.  A little bit like a birthday reset. And yes! It has been a year of trusting the Great mystery, trusting blindly to the next level and a great expansion of my intuitive me.

My now is to give with gratitude and grace… which I truly do daily. I give daily my best in co-creating quotes on Instagram and awareness through my daily blog and I love doing this and I am thankful for doing this. I practice instant gratitude… always. I always look forward to sitting an opening my laptop to see what today’s message will be.  And I do this because it is a manifested dream and I cherish it daily. I am really in sync with my now.

And what is to come this year energy wise is Sing your own song which is so right on point. I feel it. I have reached my Authentic self which allow me to do this, but I also have reached that divine me and that divine spirit balance. I can express myself with confidence and I am free to be me with my loved ones who know all about my craziness.

And this year to do this… it is simple… continuing in trusting my own inner guidance as my soul knows the way and singing my own song going through without detours.

So, I came up with this birthday spread this morning as I was sitting not really knowing which spread I would do and honestly… I love my inspirations and my intuition and until I type this, I did not know it would be today’s article… but hey… this is me going through no detours singing my own song.

Have a lovely day!

Nathalie 🙂



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