The difficulty of the unknown

Once you have made a choice and followed your inspirations… you might end up in some unknown and all you can do is trust the direction.

When all the doors opened effortlessly and might have even surprised you, showing you that you were heading into the right direction… just keep going.

It may come with some negative feelings… that you thought were long gone… keep trusting that it is part of the process… when it feels right in the core of your whole being. Those feelings are life lessons to learned and (or) master. Those feelings are slightly different than before as you are not at the same place in your life. Those feelings might even be stronger because once you follow your inspirations and you act upon inspired actions; you may not expect to be in an unknown… or not again.

It might come shaking your core. It might create a wind of change… in yourself and around you. Stop and ask yourself… does it look like shaking things up to bring you closer to your desire, to the results you somehow asked?

Many give up then… because chaos and uncertainty and not knowing what’s next… can be unbearable or seem totally crazy to continue. You might even ask yourself if you are plainly stubborn and might have been missing some signs.

From there… while walking in the unknown… it might be a good time to start practicing observing where your inspirations will be coming from when you will act in the unknown… are you receiving inspirations even if they do not always make sense to you at the moment, or are you afraid and are creating them from needs not met, well… needs you think that are not met or will not be met.

The unknown may hold beautiful miracles when you trust the direction… follow your inner guidance and trust your heart and your emotions to lead the way. That unknown is full of answers for questions and things you once asked… maybe too long ago to remember.

The unknown is shaking off what no longer serves you… and might bring you outside of your comfort zone.

The unknown may hold beautiful miracles when you trust the direction.

Nathalie 🙂



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