Being kind does not come naturally to anyone.

Sometimes being kind can even be challenging. Kindness is a loving expression. Kindness can also mean showing vulnerability.

Your kindness is the color of your heart… so is the opposite. It can help you to know how aligned or not you are. It can tell you a lot about your emotions of the moment… which is always a good thing so you can know what needs to be worked on… or what you might need to let go of.

There is a nuance between kindness and being nice.

Showing kindness is an act from the heart where no Ego is involved.  

Whether is it a constant way of being or a sporadic act of kindness, when you act from your heart, there is no underneath reason but a loving one.

Kindness is freely given.

Your kindness is the color of your heart… do not forget to be kind to yourself as well.

Nathalie 🙂



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