I have often been told I have a lot of courage because I try and do things that seemed either risky or radical to others in certain period of my life… or when I did not succeed at something, I simply get up and continue toward my dreams. I have learned very young to push my limits and I still follow my dreams.

The thing is… those actions are all from inspired ideas and inspired actions and responses to requests I sent to the Universe one day or another.

Yes, I often took a leap of faith without any security net… and the older I get it seems the less net I have, or the nets are invisible to others. In the same time, it helped strengthen my trust in the Universe and in myself. I really learned the hard way to listen to my inner guidance and aligned with my Authentic self… as a personal request to the Universe… again.

I believe there is a nuance between the will and the courage.

You might want to do something, and you think you do not have the courage to do so…. actually, courage comes when you are ready to take action and when the conditions are ready for the action to be taken.

Courage comes as a second nature, or a first nature, and a natural action to do. Sometimes, it comes in an automatic pilot form when fear or lack of confidence is involved… like you know you need to do this or that and there is not even a single doubt about it and nothing to stop you from doing it anymore… doubts will be coming only after the changes when you find yourself into a new adventure and you are realizing that the net seem either absent or invisible and your Ego is trying to protect you from the unknown.

The courage was to help you to take action and switch whatever there was to switch… then you enter another phase of your journey where other skills will be needed.

So there is a will and there is courage.

Courage comes when you act on inspired actions, when it is time to move on.

Nathalie 🙂



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