Spark of creativity

Allowing yourself time to heal will help that spark of creativity to appear and grow.

Creativity is part of life and part of your inner self.

Letting go of what no longer serves your best interests or your best future plans or your best version of yourself might feel like a loss in some ways. You are in fact letting go of past people, situation, ways to be or to do… past behavior and past whatever it is you are letting go of.

It is an important step as you need to be aware that it is no longer who you are and no longer part of your journey. It does not mean it was a bad thing as it served its purpose once.

Once that step of letting go is done… let your spark of creativity resurface or appear.

That spark of creativity is yours to create the life you want, achieve the dream you want, be who you want to be and be surrounded with the people that brings out the best in you.

You might have to let go of emotions as well, and you might have to redefine some emotions too as you have learned and moved on though challenges, experience that opened yourself to new ways of seeing things and feeling things. You might have to give new meanings to words or… give the proper meaning to them.

Let that spark of creativity within you show you the way and bring your images and new scenery and new ideas.

Let that new spark of creativity within you shine and show you new directions.

Let that spark of creativity within you guide your way into a new joyful and excited you and adventures… enjoy the journey ahead… just like the headlights on a car showing you the road ahead, let that new spark from having let go showing you how beautiful it is and how Zen it could be or how excited it can be.

Nathalie 🙂



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