Wrong dream… really?

Have you ever felt that maybe your dream is not the right one? That maybe you need to pick another one? Have you ever felt that maybe it is not happening because you chose the wrong dream?

Know that this is impossible… as your dream is yours to be… if you continue towards it.

You might have to adjust on the way but the fact that is is not happening… is only because it is not happening on your conditions and your own timing.

The Universe always have your back… to make it happen… unless you keep controlling the how and the when and whoever enters into your life to be part of its creation at some level.

When you receive an idea and you start creating around it, you are confirming the desire of seeing it realizing.  Of course, the best way is to always keep co-creating and going from one inspired action to the next and allowing the unknown to take place. Easier said than done, yes.

There are times when it might be easier to let go of it than continuing believing it can happen… which might be when the thought of having chosen a wrong dream comes in.

The list of delaying possibilities is endless as it is custom-made… not custom-made according to your dreams but according to you… and only you.

It is easy to think that the outside conditions are not aligned to see it through but in fact, it is you that is not ready to either receive it or live it the way you really dreamed it. Often from impatience, wanting it slightly different than the original dream becomes an okay choice… a second best choice, but since deep down it is just an okay choice, it means that the original choice, the original dream is still very active and desired… simply not fully ready yet.

It is like a sailboat… you need to adjust your sail according to the conditions keeping your dream in mind and in keeping your true North.

The more you listen to your inner guidance to adjust that sail, the less you will feel you made a wrong choice.

It is impossible to have chosen a wrong dream. You can alter it as you move towards it of course, as you experience and learn on the way… yes, you can alter some details of that dream.

But whatever idea you once received, the Universe always has your back to make to make it happen… as long as you keep wanting it.

Nathalie 🙂



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