Acknowledging your fear

It is normally not a surprise to hear that fear keep you from moving forward, from doing something, from thinking outside the box.

Do you acknowledge your fear? Do you work on them like if it was someone teaching you something?  A fear is life teaching you something about you… each fear is a life lesson.

A fear is telling you something very personal, as few may fear the same things but for different reasons…  your fear is your personal detailed lesson.

Recognizing you fear can help you release it to the Universe, or whatever you belief is.

Releasing a fear is freeing yourself from the thought your Ego holds very dearly that might have once helped you, protected you from something but that protection is probably associated with something else , so acknowledging the fear in the present moment and seeing that is does not serve the present situation, that the association is wrong… will allow you to release it.

Fear can create so many reactions and those are also personal.

Fear keep you from moving forward and nourishing the fear creates more associations.

You can list your fears and see what you associate them with.

You will then be able to “logically” see if it makes sense or if it is your Ego playing the protecting game. You could talk to your fear like you would with someone, explaining why it was accurate in the past, if it was, and how it might not be right anymore, as silly as this sound. It could help you release it.

But… listen… listen to what the fear tells you. Listen with your heart and accept that what it is telling you is something you need to work on. That will be a lesson you still have to learn and master.

Ignoring a fear might make it disappear… temporarily, but acknowledging it with understanding not with negativity, and accepting that it is signaling you something, is where your resistance is, and is what will allow the release of it… for good.

Nathalie 🙂



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