Everything in my now come from a past association. What is it without it?

We do not understand anything in our now, because everything has a past association. What is it without it?

Did you know that everything you see and comes to your mind already has a preset meaning and a preset value? A meaning and also a value that you gave when you first saw it, even though that yes, sometimes that meaning, and that value might have gone through some updates according to what happened when you saw or thought about it from what was then your now standpoint.

Everything you see is connected to a past association. You gave it meaning then and you might still give it the same meaning today, or a different one if it was updated since. You gave it a specific value then and it might have the same value today. Without that meaning and that specific value, what is it? It’s nothing.

Ask within how can you see it? How can you understand what you see? It is like seeing something for the first time not knowing what you are looking for, what you are looking at, so you don’t yet understand it. Not until your ego analyzes it from a past definition. Ask within for the new understanding you can have in your present moment and why you are seeing it. Without its past, it has no meaning, no value, no past. Therefore, you have the beautiful possibility to see it from and with a different perception. Do you need to give it a meaning and a value in your now? Even deeper… do you need to see it in your now? Is it your ego wanting to keep control of your mental space?

When you see something, you can see it from your ego standpoint. You can see it from your inner Self standpoint.

Maybe you simply need to be aware of this power that you have over this to let it go and let it be.

Maybe your ego is trying to make you remember something to keep your past alive. Your past emotions. Your past associations. Keeping you from moving forward towards your heart’s desires and dreams. Keeping you from healing your false perceptions.

You can tell your ego that you remember the past association, but you are not listening to that story no more. You can open yourself to not bring that association in your now, knowing that you are creating your tomorrow from your today. So, if in your today you still have those same associations and meaning and value about something or someone or some situation, how can you create a different tomorrow?

It’s up to you to create your reality.

It is our task to change our mindset. It is our responsibility to be mindful about our thoughts and the quality of our thoughts and the beliefs we keep active to please the ego that does not want to let go and see from a freeing perception.

I invite you today, when you see or think of something that might trigger unloving emotions, to start telling your ego that it is a perception, but not the one you want to have any more. You are probably more powerful than you think about shifting your mindset and what is going on in your mental space. Bring this to your meditation practice or journalling practice to open yourself to heal that false mindset, your ego-based one.

Remember to Breathe In, to let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, to see from your Soul, and to Love Out!

If you love journalling and being mindful about what is from the ego and what is from your inner Self, I encourage you to visit my online center. Simply follow the links.

Enjoy your mindfulness journey!

Dr. Nathalie 🙂


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