False pressure

There is real pressure and there is false pressure… or is there?

Real pressure could be when you have a time frame to have something done and it might not be enough and the less time there is left, the more stress you might feel. Although even here that kind of pressure can come with many lessons if not life lessons teaching you that the stress was not necessary.

False pressure might be… everything else associated to pressure. Pressure is stress, it is literally a synonym of stress and it is not a “good stress” like the one that might make you race with joy to finish something.

False pressure is the one created from fear, from ego time-framed needs or needs from ego among other negative reasons.

That kind of pressure is all around and all over the place… and reminders are everywhere… through calendars and agendas, through specific dates, through alarms and timers, through peers and often it is not even seen as a false pressure… it actually only becomes a false pressure when the ego gets into it.

Letting go of false pressure is letting go of the must and should and could have related to it.

Letting go of false pressure is a major key to well-being, to harmony in partnerships and relationships.

Let’s not forget the pressure you put on yourself about so many things thinking you must be a certain way and you must do certain things and you must know specific things if not everything… again in an ego time frame. I say ego time frame because when you look at it, you might notice that the time frame is not a necessity and is the only stressing matter.

I invite you to take a little inventory of your stresses and where you feel pressured lately and look if there is a time frame you created because it was easier to go forward on some sort of schedule instead of going with the flow which is often going into the unknown for a little while.

You might have decided to a certain deadline thinking you would be avoiding worries but you might have done the opposite in feeding the negative thoughts and beliefs because that schedule is not as respected as you planned it.

Be aware of this self-pressure, this false pressure and work on letting it go.

Let go of false pressure… and enjoy the lightness of that weight off your shoulders.

Nathalie 🙂



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