What the ego wants and what the heart wants.

What if you can have everything you want effortlessly… and all you must do is separate what your ego wants and what your heart wants?

What you desire, what you want is what you can effortlessly have or achieve when you follow your inspiration and inspired actions… and when you let go of your ego-based ways, and surrender to your Higher Self, to God or Source and trust or have faith if you will.

I know, it is not always easy to know when the ego interferes and too often, we pursue a desire that have been tainted and veiled by the ego-based mind.

It can be a lifetime process to learn to separate what is and come from our ego-based mind and what is from our heart.

Everything you desire is attainable, otherwise it would have not come to your mind. The original idea that came to your mind contains what you desire. The original idea is the one before your ego interferes and make it doubtful if not impossible.

The ego is quick to take over a simple and deep and True desire and turn it into something different adding details that are not important but that are the reasons why you pursue something that is finally not coming from your heart.

Very often, when you have enough, through your tears you can life up ego veils and see what you truly want and wanted all along… and very often when you reach that point, or once you cleansed what is not part of the original idea, it seems to unfold quickly and miraculously… and effortlessly.

It might not be the way you saw it and planned it… that is because your ego is not part of the equation anymore.

All there is to do is accept it and be happy that you are freeing yourself.

It is our task to learn to separate the ego-based wants and the heart wants.

You can enjoy the process by learning more and more about your ego interferences. Have you tried my 31 days of Morning glory affirmations to help you know better your Inner Self? I created that program to slowly be aware of your ego taking your mind space during each day during the 31 days. I created that program to better know your Inner Self and tap into your beautiful Inner power and perfectness.

Remember to Breathe In, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love Out!

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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