Giving up or not giving up?

Sometimes, some people might think that giving up is letting go altogether of what is. Is it? Is this what giving up mean?

Can giving up be giving up on some non-flexible ways to achieve something, and not giving up on the something?

Can giving up be giving up on some beliefs about something, and not the thing itself?

Can giving up be the way we go about something, and not the thing itself?

Can giving up be the unclear thought about something, therefore becoming clear and confident about the outcome, owning it?

What if what you are about to give up is a dream of yours? What if it was the dream you have been working for and doing all you could to make it happen?

Could you give it up, even if you think you maybe should because nothing seems to go the right way? Could you honestly give up on a dream coming from your heart?

What if it was only about all the thoughts and beliefs you kept carrying with you while trying to make it happen?

What if all you had to give up, when you felt it was maybe time to give up, when you felt at the point of giving up… was simply the interferences you carry with you along the way… making it “hard” to make it happen?

What if all you really have to give up is the roller coaster mixed emotions about it? Those mixed emotions are like driving one foot on the clutch. I wrote a blog about this few years ago. You know when you are not fully engaged, yet you think that you are because you seem to be going at the right speed with the right noise, making you feel that you are, but having the foot on the clutch means that you could either engage or go back in a split second… not letting go of the clutch… maybe not trusting that if you let go of it, you might not be able to freely and quickly turn on a dime if something happens.

Do you have a dream, or have you ever had a dream that you are/were fully invested into, yet you also go with something else at the same time not sure if that dream is happening or will ever happen?

I do! And I did for a few years. Each time I thought that it was time to let go of a few things, and few times I also thought it was maybe time to give it up altogether since I could not put myself on cruise control, the dream on cruise control. I felt that I was not able to let go of the clutch keeping me between two gears, two options… when one was not allowing me to go full speed as I could with the one I was ready to shift to because the path I was on was smooth and perfect for it.

This is what happened with my online business. While it was a dream of mine and have been one for many years, the dream to bring to books and asynchronous courses my tools and knowledge I was using with clients in-person, because it did not seem possible to feel the online center could be on cruise control, I kept one foot on the clutch with what I was doing before, me a normally radical person, and you know what this did? It sent the message that I was not confident, not ready, not clear about my intentions, not only to others but to the Universe.

Everything in my life that worked was because I went full speed about it. And for some reasons, and because this was a dream of a lifetime for which I have been preparing and pre-paving my way to it for many years, fear and ego-based beliefs, and not knowing any successful role models about this, I kept one foot on the clutch for few years.

While I am grateful for all that I have experienced and seen while between two gears and knowing I was at the right place at the right time learning and mastering my own life lessons, I am also seeing that at one point, the pain of giving up or not giving up was too great, and I told myself “now it is time I am letting go of the clutch and engage into this new speed to cruise along. I must trust that this path, this life path is leading me to my dreams”.

How often do we see that we are living a dream, or a dream life without noticing it because we are too busy being focused on the foot on the clutch, ready to make the shift if needed?

What is a dream of yours that you feel you are achieving, you see the steps you are taking and doing and walking, but you are not fully believing it yet?

Why? What ego-based mind reasons do you have for not being confident about it? What ego-based emotions do you still carry out in your now about this?

What emotions and frequency vibrations do you send to the Universe?

Don’t you have enough of living in mixed emotions? Don’t you have enough of believing in something yet you are not fully confident in your personal thoughts and actions and words?

Is it time to be clear about your desire?

Is it time to be clear about your “want(s)”?

Is it time to be clear about your heart and your enough-of-this?

Is it time to be clear about your why(s)?

Giving up on a dream is not about giving up on the dream, but giving up on the ego self, the identity and personality of yours that is not fully engaged.

If you need help with this I am here and maybe I can help you clarify your now.

I am inviting you to take the time to look into this today regarding your own dreams that you have been working on, or walking towards achieving it without success (yet).

Remember to Breathe In, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love Out!

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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