The opposites of one thing

When I studied Naturopathy 23 years ago thinking it would be my new career, there was a common branch of few courses with the Chinese medicine program, and I so loved those that it brought me to learn Shiatsu massage on the side of my chosen program, and later on inspired me to follow the energy field after having started my Naturopathy practice which I left aside to pursue other desires growing along my journey.

What I loved the most was having a clear and better understanding of polarity, the two opposites or sides of one thing. And how one cannot exist without the other.

What if you could not experience one thing without experiencing its opposite… in your life? The polarity of all your experiences.

Polarity is having two poles or ends or sides of one thing.

In holistic therapy, we address both to bring balance either increasing one or decreasing one never disregarding the other one. It is a balance between both, and to know what needs to be balanced is from having experienced the other one. How would you know what to seek? How would you clarify your desire? … If you did not know its opposite.

I am inviting you to look at your own life. Can you observe that everything negative you experienced might have been the end, or side, you did not want of something you wanted? Or can you see that what you experienced and loved so much made you not want its opposite, which you knew exactly what it was sometimes bringing fear of losing it all?

Just like day cannot exist without night, or darkness cannot exist without light, so is everything else.

This is where our mindset, our wisdom, our faith, our following our inspirations and inspired actions, our understanding of the Laws of the Universe come into action and can make a change come slowly or quickly. And I am not talking about ego-based timeline here, but progressive steps to move towards the other opposite of what was.

Of course, we prefer living everything that is positive, but how can you know it is positive if you do not know its negative counterpart? And how about knowing that what is positive for you might be a different positive for someone else?  Everything is relative… to what was, what is, and what will be. And all that come from personal perceptions and personal experiences.

This being said… I don’t know about you but experiencing the negative part of something is not something I love to spend much time with, so I am quick on learning and changing my mindset and lifting up ego veils to make my way to the end I prefer enjoying. Yes, sometimes it takes longer than I ego-wish it would, and that is okay because it is learning in progress and establishing my desires which are also in process and clarification.

I am inviting you to stop thinking that what you experienced or are experiencing that is negative is your new normal and forever way… because it has its opposite. Making everything temporary whether it is on one side or on the other of that one thing. And I am not saying that if you are happy, you will become unhappy, no. But you might experience things brining your awareness to keep that happy state of mind in balance using your knowledge and wisdom. And while in that state of mind reaching and seeking for a better balance, you might notice that you are, at the same time, clarifying some desires you had and have for what is coming your way.

Remember to Breathe in, to let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, to see from your Soul, and to Love out.

Enjoy your mindful journey!

Dr. Nathalie 🙂


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