Mindful Affirmations

Did you know that a felt affirmation gives a more positive result.

Have you ever noticed how some affirmations seem to make you feel better and more powerful? It is because you felt them. They were not just random affirmations you said or repeated to please your ego-based mind. And often, they were also affirmations reminding you of your Self.

When you wish to reprogram your mindset, your older associations that might be either negative or not accurate anymore in your Now, finding or writing the right affirmation is what will make the difference and also what will allow you to better connect with your Inner Self.

Also, when you enjoy some affirmations, take the time to inhale deeply and exhale with a smile before starting to say and repeating the affirmation of the day for example. Take the time to set your intention to simply feel better without any ego-based expectations down the road.

Take the time to feel what you are saying or take the time to repeat it until you feel it to be True to you. Repeating it slowly feeling the words aligning yourself with your Self, stepping away from your ego-based mind can bring a beautiful reprogramming of older data in your personal database, your subconscious.

Take the time is the key.

It does not matter if you spend 2 minutes or 15 minutes, or if you enjoy background meditation music at the same time or not, as long as you take the time to feel the power within yourself, the power of connecting to your great and divine potential.

I created a beautiful 31 days of affirmations, one per day to slowly reconnect with your beautiful Self without triggering your ego, well, actually, I am inviting you to be aware of what your ego-based associations are, because each affirmation comes with three questions not to answer lightly, but to be True to your Self when answering them, and enjoy your own mindfulness journey.

I invite you to get a journal, the one of your choices, so you can maybe write down the affirmations so you can get back to them whenever you wish to, and why not continue and do again the 31 affirmations in a loop when you are done because they might help you step away and stay away from your ego-based beliefs taking too much mind space. Our ego is our ally and it is our task and responsibility to change our ego-based thoughts and beliefs.

Whether you enjoy my Morning Glory 31 affirmations for 31 days program, or enjoy any other affirmations, do it wisely and mindfully.

Enjoy your mindfulness journey!

Dr. Nathalie 🙂

Remember to Breathe in, to let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, to see from your Soul, and to Love out.


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