Love and Gratitude

What is your higher principal that drives your life path? What is your spiritual practice?

Once a while I am asked what is my religion or my religious practice? Today I say Love and Gratitude, but for many years I did not really have an answer because growing up and growing older, I stepped away from the cultural religion I was raised into, which was Catholic where I was born, and I followed as many paths as my curiosity and Inner Self was leading me, regardless of which religion it was, so I attended for a short period of time different religion/religious gatherings strangely finding my place in them all, but also because I wanted to know first hand as best as I could why people thought one was better than another one.

I never thought one religion being better than another one. To me it does not make sense since we are to love one another and not judge one another. Each religion has their higher principals, beliefs, and convictions. And I always thought that each country and culture have some sort of structure, habits, and customs from as far as they exist. So, it was not because some people in one geographic location were practicing one way that they were better than the ones in another part of the world. That was probably what got me to never stick to any gatherings I was attending. I love travelling, either in person or through books and documentaries, and I love to see how people are connected and connecting to their spirituality and to Higher Consciousness.

The older I got, the more curious I was, the more I knew and the less I knew.  I love to see and understand by myself, so I read as many texts and scriptures and books as I could, and listened to their different masters and teachers no matter their religious practices. I like to walk the talk and make my own “opinion” about something.

What I kept finding was that love and gratitude was present in them all to some extend and comprehension.

If you know me and have read my blog and posts of my Instagram feed, you might know that I believe that I have experienced all the religions in my past life experiences, and I came to believe that I was to just remember them all in this now, and to simply follow Love and Gratitude, which is what I am teaching now. It is my life mission.

How to develop a gratitude attitude, an unconditional one, which brings us to breathe in, let go of our ego-based thoughts and vision, to see from our Soul and Love out.

The funny thing about my path is that I could never pinpoint why Jesus was always so present and so important as far as I can remember; his teaching was; his energy was, and no matter what other religious practices I was interested into and no matter the practices I kept from some of them, it remained and was confusing at some point, until I understood what Christ Consciousness was. That was not even part of my vocabulary and probably misunderstood by the teachers I had along the way.

I remember 20 years ago saying that I had some beliefs about Jesus not dying on the cross, being married, and having some sort of Buddhism or other religious background that was not written in the texts. Some family members were extremely offended by my beliefs not understanding how I could say something like this being born again. And I could not and still cannot explain to any of them with words that the more I developed and connect to my Christ consciousness, the less I am able to share with them about my beliefs like that He did not die for my sins, but he lived to teach me how to die alive from my ego-ways. To me it makes a lot of sense, but can this make sense without triggering egos?

A very long time ago, I understood that my experiences were for me to offer and master unconditional love, and many decades ago I started my mindful gratitude practice journey as well. While I thought it was for my own well-being, mental and spiritual, it started to make sense in 2014 that it was for me to teach about this. 🙂

One thing leading to another, and integrating into my daily routine gratitude, meditation, positive prayers, affirmations, Inner conversations, among other spiritual practices that I love, when I found myself following the metaphysical path, it became clear that my ministry if you will is teaching about developing an unconditional gratitude attitude and to breathe in life the way it is, to step away from our ego-based thoughts and vision about it, to see form our Soul standpoint, which can then only makes us Love it all out.

So now, when someone now is asking me what my religious practice is… I say without any ambiguity that it is Love and Gratitude.

What is yours? What is your higher principal that drives your life path? What is your spiritual practice? Or principals and practices with an s.

I am inviting you to be happy with your beliefs and practices as they are the ones of your Now.

Take the time to see if you listen to your Inner self and follow your own path, and if you are at peace with your practices, no matter what they are.

It is important to have a way to connect to our Inner Self and to God, or Higher Consciousness to feel the Love and Light, to shine that Inner Light out, and to find harmony between our Mind and Soul and not judging others because they practice differently or because they have a different ego-way than ours.

Remember to Breathe in, to let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, to see from your Soul, and to Love out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂

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