I am an expert, we all are.

Here is a beautiful affirmation for you today: “I am becoming an expert through my daily experiences”.

Did you know that your daily experiences are making you an expert in whatever you are doing?  And I think I can hear some say that they must be then expert in imagining the worst scenario in everything. 🙂

We often think of a specific career and then look at what it takes, but what about seeing it from its opposite? From the expertise you have and see what you can maybe add to it.

What if you are truly an expert at seeing the possible worst-case scenarios for example to have some fun here? Have you found out how you can use this and enjoy it instead of stressing your life away? How about becoming a novelist? Why not take a writing class? How about becoming a therapist to help others because you know how to overcome that? Get certification. How about becoming a strategist? You see where I am going with this. And this is only an example. Everything we do can help us become the expert in our own life mission. And if you look within yourself, there is a desire that you might think is too big for you and guess what? It might be related to it. What if it was your life mission or part of it?

Whether it is a skill you have in some areas or a skill you have in your mental state of being… you have skills and you have a lot of them.

I am inviting you to take the time to list your skills today, and add the ones you keep being told that you have and are, and let that simmer a little to see the connection, and meditate to be guided about it.

It does not have to be something grandiose. It does not have to be something that will make you famous. It will be something that will make you enjoy your creativity positively.

Just follow the leads your life is already showing you through your life experiences, the skills you have, allowing you to move through them and overcome them.

And remember to be grateful and express your gratitude for this beautiful new awareness that you will experience.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love out.

Dr. Nathalie 

Online spiritual well-being center

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