Tell me how to let go

If I am telling you to think about expectation, what comes to your mind? Is it something not arrived yet, something in the future you are expecting, creating in your mind a scenario or result to foresee?

What if I was to tell you that expectations also come from the past, from things already done and for which you already know the answers or saw results; would you think of those as present moment expectation as well since you already know the results and how it went and how it unfolded?

Many see expectations only for future events. The Merriam-Webster defines expectation as “the act or state of expecting: anticipation”; or “something expected”. It is normal to associate expectation with things not done yet.

Does it sound crazy to think of present expectation as a past and not only a future prediction?

I recently had an exchange with a young woman about her strong emotions generating a lot of stress and also some lower frequency vibrations affecting her physical body, and it came to my attention that she had a lot of expectations… from her past… in her now.

You see, many people do that. In their now and their thoughts, they go back in time to an event that is not fully accepted as it was, and they feed the thoughts about a different expectation than the outcome that actually occurred already… thinking about what if they would have decided differently or acted differently. And the expected result from that different scenario the feed is not the one in their reality… creating a dis-ease, a misalignment within themselves. Because they are not in their now. Because they are feeding the wrong past scenario or story. Because they are keeping active a choice that was not made.

And how can we overcome such a thing?

Today I will give you another way of letting go directly at the source, the root of what you are feeding that is hurtful and causing pain in your mind and your heart… and maybe your physical body.

Go back to that event that makes you feel very sad today and maybe afraid that you should have done differently or thinking it would have been better if you have not xyz then… and remember the why; remember the why of your decision or action “then” with the knowledge you had “then”. Remember the why you chose something over something else, and the why(s) of that choice you made then. Remember all the positivity that decision was involving and even maybe the beautiful image and relief you felt then. Remember the reasons, the why(s) that made you think it was the best thing to do, road to take, path to pursue, place to be.

Your ego-based mind might have covered it up with so many things since then that you might have forgotten all about your why(s). Your ego-based mind might have put so many veils over that “then”, that you might not see clearly anymore the outcome you saw then, and that is why you are not at ease anymore with the outcome you have in your now reality, because you keep feeding a decision that was not made!

It is time to accept: to live in your now with your now-now, not now-past, to live with the beautiful outcome you have now for it is the outcome today; to live knowing that it was a scenario but it is not the one in your reality now; and mostly, to accept that we always, you, I and everyone else, make the best decision we can think of in our now and that everything is happening for an expansion reason. And what if the outcome is not yet all unfolded. Trust.

The ego loves the decisions we have not made, the road we have not taken, the actions we have not done… it keeps us in darkness away from our Light. And often people think that ego are to be eliminated and the ego does not want to be eliminated so it does all it can not to.

Actually, the ego cannot be eliminated, it can only become your ally. Learn how to make your ego your ally by acknowledging when it signals a misalignment, a dis-ease between yourself and your Self… before your Self needs to catch your attention with physical pain because it is only then that you accept to take care of yourself. Surrendering is an act of strength and your ego might make you see that it is an act of weakness because when you surrender, you find your strength within your Self and your courage within.

You can learn to let go of your expectations by accepting your why(s). And when you accept your why(s), you can let go of past, present and even future outcome.

And remember to be grateful and express your gratitude for this beautiful new awareness that you will experience.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love out.

Dr. Nathalie 


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