The harmony factor

Have you ever wondered why some things manifest quickly and others not so quickly… yes, you might have heard that the buffer of time is for us to get it right from Abraham Hicks, and I am inviting you to think about this maybe differently. Often from my personal observation, I see people thinking that it is about aligning and matching the right vibes, but have you ever stopped yourself thinking that “get it right” might mean stop following ego-goals and parts of goals? That it might be the harmony factor that still has not come in yet. Have you ever thought that getting it right is not only about the vibrational frequency but following the inspirations you had about it that you might have not done yet, or following the flashes of idea you had about it and put them aside without thinking much about those inspirations? All of those were to help you be in harmony with your request and actions, and to also help you course-correct.

When something is not manifesting as quickly and we think we have done all there was to make it happen and still, we do not see any logical reasons for not seeing it in our reality, it means that we must adjust, change things and thoughts, let go of the ego-based thoughts and ego-desire and (or) change some variables to align with the “what is right”, so instead of trying to figure out what you did wrong or did not do yet to make it happen, or which emotions might be in the way of your alignment when it takes longer than you see it could have taken, maybe start by accepting that there is something for you to change, to adjust.

How often have you had a dream and a desire, and a goal and you were willing to go about it knowing that all of it and all of the components and variables were not in perfect harmony with you… but you were okay with them to make it happen, or you accepted that it was not going to be as divinely perfect as it could be?

It is not only about waiting for the all the components to be present and the right vibe to match the achievement, it is right when harmony, peace of mind and peace of heart is also present, no ego-conditions and no-ego-negotiations.

I have been experiencing myself the “get aligned, but how” part of moving forward like we all do from time to time, and it is only when I started seeing that a goal for example “should have been achieved by now” from having done all the inspired steps to co-create, thinking what can I do differently… that it was not about doing it differently… it was about accepting and allowing myself to change some components, variables, and what was not perfectly in sync with me, in perfect harmony with my deep “silent” desire.

We might pursue dreams and goals, but are they all in true harmony with ourselves, our authentic Self, our me that we are and love to be when we give up and surrender to greater than ourselves?

Today I am inviting you to take the time to see what you have been working for/at, and you believe that you did all there was to be done, all there was you could work on and think of, and if you find something like that for which the intended and expected result is not yet seen in your reality… sit down and meditate or journal, and listen after asking within what is it that you can stop ego-processing… what is it that you can stop pursuing at all cost the way you do… what is it that you can help with… what tiny thing can you let go of. In another word, allow yourself to see that you might have a vision, and allow the Universe to step in adjusting your work with inspirations, with the many steps it needs.

And accept to collaborate and co-create. And be ready because you might find yourself working on something you once thought but suddenly it is time, and it seems to be done effortlessly. You might find yourself meeting someone and “out of nowhere” you say something that you did not have the courage to say before which opens a door you wished for.

It will be synchronicity after synchronicity. Well, it always was, but you might have kept yourself from seeing and noticing them.

And… always be grateful and express your gratitude. Show the Universe that you understand and that you are appreciative of this learning and mastering in motion.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul, and Love out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂


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