Past, present and future in the Now

Truly living in the present moment is where the past, present and future are all one moment.

Learning to master our now is learning to live without an ego timeline. The ego-based mind makes the past be something in the past leaving sometimes some emotional issues. The ego-based mind makes the future something achievable or not which creates more emotional issues. The ego-based mind makes the now either made from wrong decisions or afraid to decide for tomorrow, or afraid of what tomorrow can be made of. The ego-based mind is the distortion of what is keeping you from peace of mind, and peace of heart and Soul satisfaction, which is different than ego satisfaction.

To step away from our ego-based mind control, we must simply be in the now and that is a huge thing to master on on mindfulness journey.

When you start learning to live in the now, it is good to appreciate what is around you to step away from ego-based thoughts making you think that you don’t have enough and are not enough, or any other negative thoughts you might have. It is good to learn to appreciate your now and find ways to remain in your now moment a little longer like taking a photo of what you love, making you appreciate it a little longer willingly and mindfully, or making gratitude lists.

When you have learned to enjoy those moments, it is like if the Universe is saying okay now it is time to go a little deeper in that learning of yours, and you start being more mindful of your choices and decisions knowing that you are creating your tomorrow, and then the ego steps in again bringing fears of all sorts and guilt from past decisions and even now decisions. Of course! You are getting closer to your Truth of being happy with your now, of your birthright powers, and that will make your ego-based mind take the passenger seat, which is not something the ego enjoys that much at first, well, not until the ego gets back to its role of being your ally and working in harmony with your Soul, which is possible. Then it will become like a dance with Source or God, where you will not let it lead and be lead, but where you will lead and let it lead… until you allow yourself to let lead and be lead knowing that it is all one harmonious Oneness dance.

So to master this, learning to understand that the past, the present and the future are all one moment in your now becomes something not that easy to comprehend, and to avoid ego explanation it is better to seek within for guidance and the perfect teacher within yourself, because this is something that must be understood from within, felt and seen from within yourself.

Learning to break free from issues is learning to live in the now because once you can understand that there is only now, it is easy to see what is to be handled and not all the list you might have made, and it becomes easy to ask within for this specific help, and it becomes easy to receive instant or almost instant help. Living in the now is like pinpointing the real ego-issue to be saved from, Soulely saved from.

It is in the now where past, present and future meet that we can see that there are no issues, only few things to make better with the whys of your wishes.

Take the time today to meditate on this and seek your own teacher within yourself guiding you to inner or outside this and that, that will make you learn what you need to learn. I know I do and it always comes with a perfect divine timing.

Enjoy the process.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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