Forgiving past people

This week while working on editing a book, I came across something important that I see not many people do and that might help you step out of recurring patterns.

So today I would like to talk about forgiveness, the one to do when you keep thinking that someone from your past should have been a certain way, acted a certain way and should have done things according to your ego-based expectation of them then. Maybe expectations you keep active for not forgiving your judgement you made then about them, and for not forgiving yourself for keeping active some ego-based beliefs about them and yourself, because you also maybe think that you should have been treated differently, which is also having some ego-based expectation on how you should be and what you should receive or not.

All they did was being themselves the way they are, but you might have wanted a different story, a different outcome, and that is only a story in your mind you created, a reality you ego-wished, for not having been simply in the present moment seeing what and how and who they were.

Wanting a different story then the one we live is a normal thing and it is how we create our tomorrow, but keeping resentment or any negative emotions in our personal database, our subconscious is what creates recurring patterns because the conscious mind gathers its data for stories from that database.

And the reason why it is important to forgive those first similar friendship, or relationship, or partnership is because until you do, you keep active those expectations and you will attract in your life the same type of friendship, relationship or partnership over and over. Sometimes it is exactly like, and sometimes it is only partially like, depending what you keep active.

You see, the common denominator is you with the old and past expectations you have not released and transcended to pure Love understanding.

This is a great way to stop recurring patterns, and it might also be the aha moment you needed to understand why you keep finding yourself in same or similar situations with lovers, friends, or partners.

Take the time today to walk down memory lane to see the first person in your past for which you had the same experience and expectations that are not met in your now situation.

Take the time to sit down and assess what you expected and still have negative emotions about. Take the time to sit down and ask for forgiveness, for having expected them to be different then how they were, or having done something different than what you expected from them. It was Your expectations, Your story in your own mind that you wanted different, so you maybe blame them for not filling up their role then, and maybe you shifted that blame on yourself for expecting them to be different, still not filling up your role you expected from yourself.

Take the time to ask forgiveness from yourself to yourself for keeping active something from your past like this in your mind space.  And you know it is still active because you are in a similar situation or friendship or partnership or relationship, like if you keep reliving the past in a different way. Take the time for forgiving blaming yourself.

And wrap all of this with pure divine Love, for them and for yourself, because that is how you know you have transcended those ego-based expectations and emotions… when you can love all the parties involved for seeing that it was a story, a reality and nothing else, knowing that your today’s reality is in your now, the one you created with your beliefs and thoughts and doings and beings and expectations whether you are conscious or not. Let go from its source what is no longer something you wish to live and experience.

And be a positive observer of your tomorrow to see how things will start unfolding differently.

Enjoy the process!

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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