Mindful Stillness

Do you take the time to enjoy some quietness? Although meditation is also stillness, I am not talking about the moments when you sit down to meditate, but simple stillness, because meditation is not always stillness. You can meditate while walking, while sitting on a rocking chair, with or without music or even while listening to a guided meditation.

Stillness is one of my favorite things. The moment when I am doing nothing and being nothing. The moment when I am being done and the moment when I become the observer of nothing because I am allowing Consciousness to guide what comes to my mind and what I see.

Sitting still in calmness, in quietness is magic.

While some would have said siting in silence, I cannot say that because there is no such thing as silence. In silence you can hear the sounds around you, and when there are none around you, you can here the sounds within you, whether it is your heart beat or blood circulation or your thoughts, that beautiful “silence” can really bring you aware of your present moment and notice where your focus is.

When you sit in stillness with the intention of just being and allowing whatever is to come to your attention, your focus will probably shift from one thing to the other without much focus or ego-focus.

When you sit with the intention of being and connecting to your Higher Self or Higher Consciousness, you put yourself into a beautiful receptive mode of listening and learning. You can also have amazing conversations with Higher consciousness. While for some this might seem strange or not possible, give yourself time and believe that you can have those beautiful conversations.

I don’t know about you, but if all you hear is the sound and noise surrounding you, it’s okay, allow it, don’t fight it. Allow your focus to shift from one thing to the other. Be in the moment. Sometimes those sounds also bring thoughts and those thoughts might have a message for you, something you might need to be aware of, hence the reason for you to hear this one more than the others. You might find yourself receiving an inspiration or an inspired action about a project you were working just because you hear a car pass by a connection was made.

Stillness is allowing without ego-control. Stillness is allowing the Universe to be part of your life and not the other way around.

When you want to step away from everything that is taking a lot of mind space controlling your focus to go within, I suggest following your breath in and out. That’s what I do. I put my focus on my breathing in, on the air going in that I imagine going in, and on my breath out and imagining the air going out. First I imagine the air, than its energy. Following your air in and out can easily help you quiet your mind and cut a negative momentum also.

And soon, you will find out that your mind is quiet without even following the air anymore.

And, when a thought or outside condition might catch your attention again bringing its ego-based associations, just follow back the air in and out.

There are so many reasons to just enjoy stillness, it can be because you enjoy sitting by the lake or even on your balcony with no reason than just be and exist.

I don’t know about you, but if you have a busy lifestyle, you might be so much into doing that you might have forgotten that you are a human being, and you forgot to allow yourself to simply be. When you allow yourself to simply be, you allow the Universe to do… through you.

You might also have a lesser busy lifestyle, but you might be using your mind to read, to watch television or to play games, and even if all those activities are fun and bring you pleasure, you are still in the doing.

Stillness allows you to be.

We are spiritual being experiencing a physical life. And when we are being, we allow the spiritual part of us to exist and make itself present to the physical us that we are. We give it a voice. We allow ourselves to connect with our Self. It is another way to allow a full collaboration.

When you add moments of stillness into every day, you are not letting your ego-based mind take over and control those moments. This makes me think of an example of let’s say you are sitting somewhere and there are other people around, either a waiting room or even in a bus from work. You might be sitting in silence not talking to anyone, but where is your mind, where are your thoughts? In the person next to you, in the hat the man is wearing, in the dress the lady is wearing, in the driver’s skills, in what you will cook for dinner?  Your ego-based mind control might not be in the passenger seat but driving your attention.

So, starting today, make sure you spend some time willingly sitting in silence ish to focus your intention on just being and enjoying being done by the Universe.

I know for some people just the thought of sitting in what you think is silence might increase your anxiety because you feel you will be facing your thoughts, but remember to follow your breath as long as you need to, and imagine the air going in and coming out, and then imagine the air is energy going in and out, pretend you are following the energy in through all the organs and out to the space around you. This is a way to imagine a story you are controlling.

Connect within or sit to connect within even if you do not reach any Inner Self or Higher Consciousness connection. Just enjoy the moment and be proud of yourself for taking the time to honor your being and not just your doing.

My moment of stillness are my most productive moments. It is in stillness that I receive my beautiful inspirations and inspired actions. I am before I do.

I invite you to keep a journal of your stillness and meditation moments, just to write down how you felt, what you heard form within, because one other thing also is, it can be easy to forget all o those things once we get back into being busy doing again.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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