Scarcityville, the metropole

There are a few tiny villages and town we visit on our life journey called Scarcity, but there is this one major metropole named Scarcityville, and I believe once in a lifetime, we are destined to stop for a little visit. While some decide to stay longer or even move there, it is possible to just make a shorth ish visit. And to make sure you have the beautiful chance to visit this city, you have detours on your life path allowing you to reach this metropole.

The thing about this city which is why it is a metropole, compared to the village and town, is that it has its own set of rules and economic system, just like any metropole.

When you arrive to Scarcityville, you must part of everything you brought with you before entering or while entering. There is an border patrol there that you cannot see, but somehow they manage to make sure you enter the city with only yourself, your knowledge, skills and wisdom. While some of those things might not be given back to you on your way out, and you might panic hearing or feeling this when you arrive, you can slowly get used to having less to carry with you to the point where you might even enjoy your stay understanding that it has its purpose on your life path, and it fits with all the other destinations you have visited and wish to visit. So, from this new wisdom or awareness, you start to see what you wish to take back from all you brought with you.

While you are spending time in Scarcityville, not really knowing how long you will be there, there are things you might find difficult to experience from not having what you brought with you in your baggage, and there are things you might enjoy from the newness of it, the new perspective making you see other ways to enjoy this or that.

The thing is that while you adjust to not having all that you had, or not having what you think you need to enjoy this and that, you might still think that you will or can get everything back when you want to move on to your next destination, and until you change your mind about this, you might find yourself on house arrest, because the set of rules of this metropole is a set of mindset rules.

For some people it is easy to understand these mindset rules, and for others it is not even comprehensible.

While some might use their knowledge and skills and wisdom to go within to understand how to free themselves from that mind space house arrest with the anklet not allowing them to move outside of their mindset area, others learn to either enjoy where they are making them feel somehow safe, or they might give up on their dream journey not believe in it anymore.

And the ones that free themselves, come out with a new mindset allowing them to see what was in their baggage that is unnecessary, so they willingly decide what they enjoy taking or keeping, and joyfully leave all the rest which goes into some archive storage unit. They prefer moving on with less baggage and only adding to their suitcase what is fun to add and serves their now and tomorrow, knowing the important to daily send to that archive storage unit what is not necessary for their new now and new tomorrow.

Today I am inviting you to take the time see those little Scarcity villages and towns of your life you might have already visited, and see if you have learned something from those and if you have changed your mindset, even if just a little from those experiences they brought you. And if you have visited the metropole, are you still there? Have you decided to move in, or have you simply not seen yet the mindset you are ought to take on to free yourself?

Go within to seek and ask what are those patterns and thoughts and beliefs you must change, not because you must in order to be better or live better, but to move on to continue your life path experiences and live some of your dreams, the ones you have in your heart and might think they are only dreams for another lifetime, because while you are staying in Scarcityville you cannot make those happen. You can still make many dreams happen but not those specific ones.

Take the time to let go of what is no longer serving you, not materialistically but mentally, because Scarcityville is the mega metropole existing only in your mind space.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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