When your ego creates a pattern

Have you ever felt abundant for example, yet at the same time you knew there was still something to be solved in the equation of your current situation? Like if the situation or issue was a two-part equation.

And have you ever seen that the same abundant solution you felt and saw, could also be the solution for the part of the equation you were not able to solve yet? It simply needed a different acceptance of perspective to see it. And choosing which part of the equation to solve or solve first is often a hard decision to make… on your own, without Inner guidance.

Recently I had the chance to see my ego use a present situation data (solution) and make it a pattern (in subconscious), which was a beautiful and positive pattern, so I was on board with it.  And I found myself understanding how we allow ourselves to step into patterns in creation. I don’t believe one willingly step into a negative pattern, but when the pattern seems like a solution to something, it becomes easy to step into it with pleasure and good vibes. Now I also believe this is when the ego-based mind steps in and quickly makes the connection and association generating a pattern in your database, your subconscious, one that you are willingly accepting to be added.

So, in this experience of mine allowing me this clear awareness of my ego at work, or at play, the solution made me say something like okay this is settled and even a little better than I thought. And then there was only the other part of the equation that was in need of a solution. So, I literally said I am looking forward to seeing how you will solve this, and “you” meant the Universe, because I did not ego-know the how yet, and I am now knowing better than trying to fix things my own ego-way.

While I had this part of the present moment situation handled and because it was effortlessly done, I took upon myself to think that it could be a recurring beautiful solution/way. I did not see before the following day that my ego made a pattern with this effortless solution leaving me with the longer-term other one now an issue and a possible stress factor.

So, you see, this single data (resolution option) of the present situation was becoming a pattern. And I knew it was, because for me it was settled and a done deal, a recurring done deal from now on and it felt positive.

So, to my surprise, the following day when I was happy with the development and looking forward to seeing the next part effortlessly solved as well, it hit me… yesterday’s solution option for that present moment issue was not at all to become a recurring one.  Because it left me with what seemed like a bigger problem. The solution was good for both parts of the issue or the equation, and it was simply not to be taken as a pattern. It was to fix yesterday, but tomorrow it had a better long-term reason to be.

So, my beautiful ego-based mind always looking for ways to be useful and take the driver seat, because it is its primary role and my ego taking this very seriously, made me use the option very well… for the present moment, but incorrectly for the long term one.

And it is once I saw this that everything was suddenly fixed and handled, the present and the recurring long-term situation that needed that specific abundant solution. The present moment was no longer an issue or an equation to be solved, while the other part became a recurring one to be addressed. So why would I keep this solution for when it might or will come back later, instead of using it for what it can serve better today and tomorrow? How often do we find ourselves in situations thinking that we might not have another solution in a few weeks or months, so we keep one in our pocket just in case?

It becomes so amazing when we can see our ego at play.

Today, I am inviting you to see if your ego-based mind took a solution option and made you apply it to only one place making you think that this is the only solution, and that this issue is handled this way or that way, and it is okay because it fixes the problem. Did it make the problem disappear or did it make it recurringly handled? Did it create a pattern that might be good while generating another problem you cannot seem to let go of from your mind space?  

Very often, we get caught up not in the problem, but in the solution, because the solution is very quickly if not automatically associated to specifics, and we might not want to create a different problem somewhere else; why change what works right? But yes… allowing yourself to follow your inspirations can sometimes change where the problem is, yet it might be part of your better solution, because it will not only be handled, but it become part of your past experiences.

Take the time to make an inventory of your temporary solutions to see if there can be a better one; the temporarily solutions that became ego-based patterns.  Take the time to go within to seek guidance and allow yourself to receive guidance about them. This can help you “unstuck’ yourself from ego-based solutions.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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