Grounding yourself to Earth

Recently I came to a deepening of my feeling and understanding about our beautiful planet.

In my deepening of my knowledge on the expansion of the Universe and the expansion of Higher Consciousness, I became aware of something I knew, but it suddenly took a whole new facet in my mind, a whole new perspective.

Knowing that everything is Higher Consciousness expanded, of course it included the planets, but knowing that we are Souls experiencing a physical being, it suddenly made a lot of sense to believe that the planet is a Soul experiencing as a planet, as crazy as this might sound for many, hence the importance of taking care of it just like we take care of ourselves.

But for the first time, taking care of the planet took a whole new meaning for me. I felt this understanding vibrating through the core of my being. And that made me also understand for the first time how some younger people and teenagers are on some sort of crusade to “save the planet”, because they came with this life purpose and they knew it from the start, oppose to many finding their life purpose late, or later in life.

Most of us know that grounding ourselves means connecting to Nature and to the Earth, and in one of my online content I also talk about the importance of not forgetting about grounding our spiritual Self, to allow it to have safe space into our daily activities, but I often see few people from older generations not understanding the meaning of grounding ourself other than to feel better. They might not see the reason to do so because we are one with the planet we live on, and not just to balance our little me-Self, if I can use those words here to explain this point.

I have always been drawn to stones and gemstones and crystals without really knowing the reason, although I don’t need one. To me touching them is like touching life and miracles. I talk to my plants and hug them sometimes like if they were people. 🙂 Even when I visit historical places I touch the walls and trees. I was even thinking earlier that if I was to bring only one bag with me leaving everything behind, what would I being with me? It’s easy. 🙂 My gemstones and crystals and stones. Okay the bag would be heavy but hey it was one bag right?

Today I am inviting you to take the time to meditate on your definition of grounding yourself and on grounding your spiritual Self.

What does it mean to you? Think about it. What does it mean and why do you think of doing it? To step away from your ego? To manage your stress? To connect to Higher consciousness? To feel good or better?

What about simply connecting yourself to this beautiful Soul that is Earth?

I admit, this perspective was not the one I had before that aha moment, and it is amazing how it changes the alignment within yourself when you add this reason to your meditation. I am inviting you to try it and meditate with the intention to connect yourself to Earth, the planet itself, and add it to your many reasons to meditate. Not to its energy or what it brings you but to its Soul.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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