Daily collaboration with the Universe

Are you wondering how the Universe helps you in your daily life?

Do you think that the help is always something big and amazing and very visible?

Today I was inspired to give you some simple examples of how collaboration with the Universe works. Of course, there are many ways, but often, someone might not see the work behind the scenes when following inspired actions, or when it is not going their ego-based ways.  

For example, growing up the hot beverage in the house was tea, so for many decades I was drinking tea and I remember later having all sorts of tea and herb tea, until later from some health issues I needed to increase my iron intake and I was told to stop drinking tea because it was keeping my body to absorb the iron I needed, unless I was drinking with specifics which started to be complicated so loving hot beverage in the morning and actually all day long, I switched to coffee, and while at first I did not like coffee, I was adding sugar and milk until one morning I was out of those and realized that I  have had become addicted to my coffee and decided to drink it black, which I kept doing until now  because I wanted to make sure I would never miss anything to drink my coffee again. I could spend days without but I had to go through the headaches from weaning myself from coffee. And when I was not drinking coffee I was drinking hot water because for unknown reason I always loved that as much as tea and coffee.

Later, once a while I had tea again, because the health problem related to my iron intake was no longer an issue, but I could not get back to it for being addicted to coffee, or so I thought.

Few months ago, in releasing the last few things no longer serving my now nor good for my stress management or any other negative emotions from a situation, while often this work is related to thoughts and patterns and situations, I ended up being out of coffee with no way for me to get some more and to make it short, I weaned from my coffee addiction with few headaches, and ended up drinking tea and herb tea again with lots of joy. I really do love my tea, always did. 🙂

The thing is I knew I had to step away from my “mandatory” coffee(sss) per day, and just enjoy it once a while like any other beverage, and I was still keeping active the data in my subconscious about tea interfering with my iron level, and keeping active that data was keeping me from enjoying tea again as silly as this might sound. So it was not just about me loving my coffee everyday and “needed” it everyday, but is was also those old limited beliefs I had in mind that my ego-based mind was using to keep me from slowing down.

So, the Universe knew I love my zenitude and I did not “need” so much coffee and I knew it, so it happened in a very beautiful way… I was out of coffee and there were no possibilities for me to get some more for a while, and because I knew I was to be out soon, I cut down to one per day before it was all out, so I already was aware of my lowering intake of coffee in motion and when it happened, I laughed because I saw a beautiful collaboration here. Because I can be persistent, this happened more than once but this time there was more components involved and at play so it was different, and I could see a beautiful collaboration.  I must add that there are some greens I love to take once a while being vegetarian and I did one morning wish I could take them more often, but those and my coffees were not a good match for my heart rate, and I chose to keep my coffee. 🙂

Same thing happened when last weekend I was inspired to make some green lentils and broccoli soup, which is a mix I never made before, and I soaked too many lentils the night before and I was not sure what to do with them and I put them in a jar, while I was not sure if they would sprout for having them soaked for such a long time, but yeah they did and I haven’t done that in a year (and normally I don’t soak them like that). This morning curious to see because I forgot what were the nutriments of the lentils, I happily saw they contain the vitamins and minerals I am not taking any more for stopping the “mandatory” multi-vitamins supplements like the “mandatory” coffee, to free myself from old habits that were maybe once necessary but were not necessary anymore. So to my surprise, the sprouts contain the same vitamins as the ones I was taking!

So, again the Universe knew my plan and guided me to enjoy that soup and the sprouts from the too many lentils I soaked and was inspired to let them sprout, to enjoy another way to enjoy them all week.

You see, these are the two examples that came to my mind but how often have you found yourself lacking or not having something you normally have for your greatest good “after all”? Those are not random, they are the Universe collaborating with you and helping you with desires you expressed, even if in sighing.

Take the time today to be more aware of those so you can enjoy them with positivity instead of being maybe upset about what is going on. Take the time to see and ask what is in motion when you find yourself missing something or not having something; is it always a redirection and guidance.

My life if filled with those because this is how I am one with the Universe and I could not have enough pages to share all the examples like this in my life and they are not only related to food, but they are related to my life purpose, my friendships and relationships and work.

And the more connected you are with your Inner Self and Higher consciousness, the more you see everything at play while it is at play, and you can only be grateful for them all.

If being aware of those is not easy for you, I am inviting you to write down when something is happening, so you can see after what was in motion looking back on it, things and reasons that you did not see then so you can develop your Inner senses.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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