The path you kept refusing to choose

Have you ever felt at a crossroad and there is one path you would love to take or continue, but it is now filled with more and more obstacles, and there is one parallel path opening from it, which is creating a crossroad, and you see that path filled with old data not fitting your now mindset confirming your non-desire to step on it, and to add to this difficult choice it does not seem like a bright path so you cannot really see what it holds? And you do everything in your mind to “not” choose that possible one because you associate it with negativity. But the thing is… you can either continue on the one you already have problem overcoming all the obstacles, or you give up and choose the less clear one you don’t like because it seems to be your only other option.

Well, lately I have been at such crossroad, and I sat at that crossroad not sure about the next move, until the obstacles kept growing to the point that it felt like the Universe was directing me to the path I did not want to choose, and that was puzzling me because it was not making any sense.

I surrendered and I said okay, I will walk where it is easy to step because the Universe knows I like effortlessness. Don’t get me wrong… effortlessness does not mean I am not working hard, it means I am working effortlessly hard, from inspirations and inspired actions no matter how many hours it takes. There is a beautiful nuance in the energy when you do this. You work with a positive energy. And I felt deep within my heart the desire to only follow and not choose for a while.

One thing I observed is once I said okay from my heart and not an okay unwillingly spoken, that other path cleared with bright light making me see a nice and safe road to walk on and to my surprise it contained nothing at all of what my old data kept in store related to such a choice. Those old data were keeping me from choosing this path, so my ego-based mind was keeping me from following something meant to be of course. But once I said okay and requested for it to be the path to help my now the way “I” am, that’s what it became… not only my beautiful least resistant path, but also the one healing and releasing all those old data from my subconscious.

Doors kept opening one after the other one and all I had to do is be true, be myself, be authentic because there was no way for me to pretend fitting on a certain path; it had to be one designed for me as I am today with all I have become. My request to the Universe was clear and the Universe delivered in ways I never expected.

And this is when what you want, what you need and what you think you are become one marvelous walk.

Today I am inviting you to see how you choose a path, no matter which one it is; I am inviting you to see if you choose it with letting go of any negative associations you might have in your mind, but also if you choose it while you stay who you fully are without keeping anything from being seen, without having to compromise your dreams.

Take the time to assess when you are at a crossroad if you remain yourself? It is always important to do this to move forward and see the right doors opening for you to ease your way.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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