Love and ego-based love

You know the love you cannot describe with reasons, or justify with reasons? The love that even flaws are not flaws but just a description of how the other is, no judgement, just being who they are when they are. You know the love that have no description, yet it is felt from within and is genuine?

That is love. Everything else is loving from an ego standpoint.

There are matches that are made to grow. There are matches that are made to continue something. There are matches that are made to evolve and expand. And those are made without your “looking for it”, without your ‘trying to find it”.  And often from those people “start looking for true love”, one that has no conditions and that is effortless.

True love does not come with ego-based reasons, and conditions, and timeline steps or phases; or love from your True place might be more accurate in this desire.

And you can never stop loving those people from that True place because it is pure love, not love from a conditional ego standpoint that you entered into that relationship with.

Like the love we have for our kids. They don’t have flaws; they are unique and different. True love makes you see only their uniqueness.

Like the love we have for the one sharing our life. That person does not have flaw, all of those are the uniqueness and difference simply existing. True love makes you see only their uniqueness.

Like the love we have for a friend that we can never judge no matter what. True love makes you see only their uniqueness.

Like the love we have for an animal, or a plant, or the sun or the moon. True love make you see their beautiful uniqueness at all times.

The way you love without your ego-based mind is different because it is love you offer and not seek. It is love you share and in return you feel the love you sent out by natural Laws of the Universe.

I don’t know how many times I have been saying this to (mostly) women “looking for love” or for the “love of their life”, but to find such love, you first must be it. You must first want to be and share the love that you have within yourself, with a desire to love and share your love, and you will be match with someone that needs it, and in doing so you will have found the love you are looking for, because there will be no flaws, there will be no judgement, there will only be love because you will look through the Love lenses.

Today I am inviting you to do an inventory of how you love and the conditions you might put on Love. Take the time to see if you love from an ego standpoint or if you love from your heart, with this pure Love without conditions nor judgement.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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