Meditation as a bridge

Someone that cannot hear the Inner Self calling to alignment, have access to beautiful reference guides either planting the seed of awareness or deepening their mindfulness journey so they can learn to step feeding their Ego. Very often they are guided to those tools to help them be aware.

Meditation is the bridge between the physical being and the spiritual being allowing access to the Inner bridge bringing the spiritual being to the summit of consciousness.

The Great Masters and Prophets all knew that they were also answering God’s call when they were praying in silence which is meditating, calls they heard though their emotions and situations.

Meditation is asking and receiving.

Meditation is asking guidance and receiving instructions.

The summit of consciousness is Source’s awareness on what is; it is seeing through Source’s perception what is.

One that meditates to connect to Source for ultimate guidance and answers, to speak directly one on one, to be able to translate Source’s energy and put it into words must first believe it is possible and believe that Source or God is not only accessible to a few.

I haven’t climbed Mt. Everest, which was once a dream, but I have climbed three times Mt. Washington in New, Hampshire, which is the practiced mountain, in wintertime for many preparing to climb Mt. Everest. I climbed it twice in harsh winter temperature with a group to learn that the mindset and the thoughts are the root to what the body can achieve, and once by myself in fall to re-live that learning at my own pace. There is something very spiritual when you hike by yourself such a mountain with its unique terrain. When I wrote my master’s thesis on meditation I based the chapters of the thesis like an ascension, and when I read the books I chose to write the paper I was happily surprised when I was guided to The Bhagavad Gita version I referred to in it as it was using Mt. Everest as comparison.

Do you believe you can reach the summit of consciousness?

Do you believe you can have conversations with God or only few can do that?

Do you truly believe without any doubts that you are a being as worthy of God as the Great Masters, Prophets and Spiritual Teachers were?

Do you fully understand Oneness? That we are one and that does not mean that we are interconnected, it means that we are interconnected because we all are extensions of One.

This might be the first step to take towards the summit, as the higher one hikes toward the summit, the more one will have to rely on faith and find Inner strength, completely away from the ego-based thoughts and beliefs allowing the hike to be beautiful and continue to trust Inner skills affecting outer skills even when the blood saturation lowers.

Always Be Teachable is one of my moto and through everything we experience and every thought we think, there is something to be learned form it.

I am inviting you today to ask yourself why you are meditating. Most of the time one starts to meditate to feel better or to feel good, to step away from a stressful situation or lifestyle. This is your Inner Self calling you to equilibrium.

Take the time to see today why you meditate and if you are doing it from an ego-based standpoint which will be to “only” feel better without any intention to connect within. It is okay, it is a beautiful starting point.

Ask yourself how you can improve your meditation. Observe how you enjoy when you start basking into the peaceful energy you feel. And I am inviting you to remain in that phase longer than maybe thinking “okay now I feel good so I can go back to what I was doing”. Cross all the little bridges when you think you can stop your meditation so you reach the next beautiful phase of your meditation.

If you are one to meditate with the intention to connect to the right vibration you might be looking for, I have created five short free meditations for you to help you vibrate with the beautiful energy when you intention of to connect to what match your desire.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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