Metaphysics 101

Simplified…  there is an experience bringing negative emotions because you associate something to something, or someone to something, or something to someone, and the expectations not met bring up some negative emotions or lower vibration frequency emotions

Those emotions are to help you see that you are not aligned at the moment with your Self, but you are looking at it from an ego-based perspective, or you are not looking at it from your divine being or spiritual Self, which only sees experiences as experiences to learn and expand, so for spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is you finding your way back from your physical being to your spiritual being to the I AM that you are. And those experiences are your own creation, your own illusion or reality in which you live in, so you can learn as much as possible and help your spiritual Self understand all the facets of everything and expansion.

Your spiritual being uses the physical being to expand itself, to expand the Universe, the I AM. Your spiritual being is One with the I AM as it exists from its Primal Creative energy.

Everything you experience has two facets, one negative and one positive so when you experience something positive you don’t necessarily look for the negative of it, but in your mind, you know it is there and that it is possible. Sometimes you do experience it, like when you say it’s too good to be true, you are expressing a desire to see its opposite, so you do. For some you already experienced their negative possibility and maybe you simply do not relate both.  When you are experiencing something negative, you wish to also experiment its opposite and you do, but when you are in the lower vibration of the experience, you must find your way to its higher vibration to experience this, and that is by reconnecting yourself to your Self that you can step away from the lower vibrations.

Everything we live is an illusion, a reality for the spiritual being so it can experience all sorts of things in different scenarios. Every illusion or reality can be changed, and we do change it constantly through our thoughts that are thinking, so they are expressing their vibrational frequency through the Universe, sending waves of energetic frequency that are waving all the way to all the components necessary to wave back with all it needs to change the reality you want to change. And the more align you are with your Self, the happier your being is, and not your temporary personality, the faster the waves will move, therefore the quicker you will receive and see the changes in your reality, your life.

And to receive and see the changes with your own physical eyes, you must become the change, embody the change because you cannot not match the reality you live in. You can only live your present moment reality. You can only experience what you live by being the being that is needed in that scenario. To enter another scenario, you must change character and take the mindset of that character. And when you become that which you wish to live and experience, you start seeing the reality you live in matching this life experience, with all of its negative and positive little experiences to help you grow and expand some more.

The only way to grow is to experience both facets of everything. You must understand all of the aspects to be Soul satisfied and happy.

And happiness must come from within and not from an outside condition. And when you vibrate that happiness, you vibrate high. You send high frequency waves to the Universe with your being without even doing anything. You emanate beautiful vibes. And while many people are happy, yet, not understanding why the changes are not happening, it is because their happiness is conditional to the outside conditions they experience. There is a beautiful nuance here and the frequency is not the same. It is like if they were excited for their situation and life, making this a happy feeling, but happiness is smooth and love, and kind, and gratitude; it is something you share and express and not keep for yourself thinking it might not last or you want to suck it all in. It’s a smooth flow of beautiful high energy filled with experiences knowing they serve their expansion reasons.

We are spiritual beings experiencing life through physical beings, and the five senses are needed to express and create and expand the Universe through ourselves. We are the I AM in multiple expressions, making us all One “all” together.

When we create something, it is for ourselves, but for others that are also our Self, experiencing different experiences and learning different lessons and going through their own awareness, awakening to themselves, to the I AM.

So, when you receive an idea to create something, it is because it is requested somewhere and needed, and you are a component in that wave, because from where you are you can create it and help where it can serve.

When you are in co-creation, you are a component for the Universe’s expansion. You receive the idea from the Universe or the I AM, and this is not from one single entity, it is from its energy that has expanded in the Universe for which you have what it takes to bring it forth. Some things are created to help beings live their experiences whether they are negative or positive. Some things are created to help beings find back their Self within from having maybe slipped away from it and are in need of a tool to stop slipping some more, and their Self requested something to help them.

We are here to expand our Self and we are here to expand as One.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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