Going back in time to understand

Very often, when someone goes back into their own timeline to remember an event, a situation or someone, it is to see it with a very ego-based way which is to relive the story in their mind, feed their emotions, find blame or activate more guilt, or justify something and some decision; and while there is a very healthy reason to be able to observe something from the past, the ego twisted it.

The reason, if not the only one, to go back on memory lane is to “understand” the personal emotions so we can heal and integrate the learning related to it. And because we do not always understand our emotions when it is happening, having a little mindfulness moment on memory lane becomes helpful to spiritually grow.

Very often, the moments that are still containing some emotions affecting your present moment will naturally come up in your mind. This is a beautiful gift from the Universe. Unfortunately, the ego-based thoughts step in with the speed of light to interfere the understanding process, so it becomes fuel on the negativity it already holds.

Knowing this, I am inviting you to thank your ego for stepping aside when something will come up, and take the time to write down what are your emotions in your now that are related to what comes up and see if today, in your now, you can release those.

Why keep activating something that is no longer real?

It might have been real once, but it is a past experience. Write down your acceptation of releasing past negative emotions from your mind space and psychic atmosphere.  Accept to move on and free yourself from a past experience in accepting to release the negative emotions related to it. Let go of some baggage you keep carrying like if you need it today. Even if an experience has some relation in your now which is your now experience, it is not that specific one from the past that is a present moment experience, it is a mutation so to speak. Use it to help you understand your emotions then so you can release those, and use it to understand your emotions now so you can also transmute and release those.

You are work in progress and it is up to you to do this work. We all are.

Release the toxins active in your now, by mindfully seeing that they are, and that the way they are you no longer need them.  Integrate the understanding you can help yourself with in seeing why something happened and the good it created and opened to.

It is your choice to keep looking at something with always the same perspective. So, it is your choice to change that perspective when you know it is a negative one and it hurts you through the emotions.

Take the time to start assessing your trips on memory lane so you can declutter your mind space and your psychic atmosphere from all those heavy energetically emotions. Allow the Universe to show you where they are.

When you go back in time in your mind, do it with a positive purpose, the one to understand so you can close that file.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂



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