The Endless illusions

Today I was editing a text about negative emotions and hidden desires, and it brought me to find a negative emotion to see the belief underneath, and this led me to a beautiful vision. A powerful image helping my teaching about lifting up the ego veils. 🙂 Which might be to another level for many but still, I wanted to share it with you today.

You know how we can step away from ego-based mind’s negativity in listing positivity, or in being aware of a false story in creating a new and positive one? This is a normal work in progress and how we can help ourselves in our well-being, mental well-being, and spiritual well-being.

Well, the beautiful ego that is our ally but loves to be in control also uses this to its advantage. And I was amazed to see the ego at play in “real-time” or “live”.

While I was listing positive reasons to counter the negative reasons of the emotion in question which I knew were totally false, I started seeing the ego weaving a veil with those positive reasons; it was creating a new brighter ego veil.  Amazing!

Hard to describe but this vision made me see how when we see an ego veil and we lift it up or see it vanishing, one does not necessarily step away from the ego per se-although it can be the case, because the ego uses this awareness for its own purpose of surviving and staying alive in your mind.  Honestly, it was beautiful to see the ego using the newfound awareness about something, gently stepping aside using the same time-reality in using every positivity that was listed in “real-time”, using each positivity statement or reason, like a clearer white thread to weave what was becoming a new veil. Because it was a still an ego veil, another illusion. Yes, a positive one yet still an ego veil.

I hope you can imagine this in your own mind so it can help you see your ego veils and ego at play, working like a wolf disguised in sheep to stay unnoticed.

The difference between seeing something positively and being free from something that was painful or negative before, is that freeing yourself from something negative means that you are totally free from it. It does not exist. Not negative nor positive. The illusion has vanished from your psychic atmosphere. It is not “simply” replaced with something positive.

When we lift up ego veils, there are other veils. Not only old ones. We live, we breathe, we experience therefore we are human with an ego-based mind always at play. But yes, we can be aware of what’s going on live as well. The illusions are endless.

And, imagine this like if veils had different density as well. Imagine that each positive veil is brighter therefore making it maybe harder to see, because it is almost transparent. But these positive veils will in turn become less positive ones, because their positive stories will not be true eventually either, for they will become old stories untrue to the new Now.

This is why sometimes we can feel trapped into some emotions that keeps crawling back up even if we know how to be positive about them. Maybe the negative ego veil is gone but it was replaced with a brighter and positive one.

Enjoy the process of imagination.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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