Some missing links in the process

Not long ago, I was working on something business-wise, so addressing it with a business mindset, and that got me to change something I was not knowing I was already doing. And that new way of doing brought me to have a different viewpoint which made me stop doing something I was unknowingly doing that was successful.

And recently I noticed a major positive change in my surrounding energy, in my psychic atmosphere, from getting back to what I was doing, but this time knowingly and willingly doing it because I enjoyed it and I have seen it has been missing in my spiritual practices. Well, I was not as consistent as I might have once would be more accurate.

And thanks to this change in my daily habits that I got back to, this allowed me to observe a process very clearly, and I do love having some personal experience to support my teaching because walking the talk is a must for me.

This allowed me to understand some missing links in the process of creating their dreams or desires, which brings many people not fully understanding how to “feel the energy” they must tap into. Links related to wishing it for others first.

Yes, we most of the time feel it without really knowing how we got into it. Yes, we most of the time feel it not knowing how we brought it up. We might do things and it brought it up, but doing it again willingly is another story.

And if you are one that wants to make things happen willingly and be the powerful creator that you are-that we all are, like me, you might wonder how to have a specific energy in your psychic atmosphere when you wish something from so deep within yourself.

Although I am teaching about gratitude because it is so powerful, here I want to simplify a process that can allow you to “feel the energy” you might keep hearing about tapping into to make it happen.

Put simply… You think about it… You follow some inspirations about it… You positively pray/be positively grateful from your heart for others to have it… You witness it with joy… You express your gratitude for them about it… and you will feel that energy from your gratitude for them, and feel you are in it yourself… Then you can continue positively create for yourself because you will have tapped into the energy without being egocentric about it.

In this Oneness, wish for others what you want for yourself. We are not in competition, and you want others to have what you also desire for yourself. And you cannot wish for yourself something, you must feel it. Beautiful nuance.

Most of the time, people think that they must think about it then feel it, and have it to share it. Yet, they might be missing the follow the inspirations and inspired actions link to allow the energy closer to them, in their psychic atmosphere, so they can feel it around them and within them. They might be missing the part of praying for others to have it link, sharing with others something they have in their energy, making them want it for themselves but without wanting it for others first. We know that what we want for others we also receive. They might be missing the being grateful about it before receiving it link, so being grateful for others to receive it for themselves from a true heartfelt gratitude, so they can bask into that gratitude and abundant energy themselves, feeling it, allowing themselves to believe in this energy.

Can you see the process and the difference in the process that most of the time we do it by default when we wish for others something, not realizing that we are doing it right?

So, I am inviting you to observe your process and add a few steps or links to your well-being process and requests you make to the Universe.

  • You think about what you desire from your heart, the beautiful ideas you received from within.
  • You follow some inspirations about it that you will receive to allow the right space, like preparing yourself to receive it and clear the unnecessary everything for that purpose and making it happen step-by-step.
  • You pray from your heart for others to have the same abundance you wish for yourself. Real gratitude prayers for others you know also need what you request. Real meditative prayers sending the same vibes you wish for yourself. You add what you wish for others even if it is something you don’t need for yourself, for their own abundant life. This is sending Love to them.
  • And you keep going on with following your inspirations and praying for others until…
  • You witness it happening for others and you appreciate it with joy, not jealousy. So, you express your gratitude for their success or their achievements, or them overcoming something.
  • And you will know you are truly grateful when you will feel that energy from your gratitude for them. And you will feel you are basking in it yourself even if you don’t see what you desired yet in your own life.

That energy is the one you were looking for. That energy is the one you wanted to feel to create and achieve something, and you did not know how to “feel” it, maybe trying to force it from your own thoughts playing pretend, which can be great, but often the ego interferes in that game, because you might not be truly grateful for every little thing in your life.

And that energy is the one that you can then effortlessly tap into because it will be offered to you, it will be divinely offered to you to co-create, to create, to move forward, to create from.

In this Oneness that we are all part of, wish for others what you want for yourself before wanting it for yourself, because wanting it for yourself first always comes from the ego-based mind. We are not in competition, and you want others to have what you also desire for yourself. And you cannot wish for yourself something, you must feel it to tap into its Creative energy. And you cannot wish for yourself something not wanting the same joy and abundance for others. That would be an ego-wish.

This reminds me of when you are on a plane and if something happens, you are told to put your own mask first before helping others, but the non-ego truth behind this is you want to help others and want them to breathe, so you already think and wish for them to be safe while the action is to put your own first. And this being done so quickly you don’t see the wish for others that crossed your mind. Or in an accident when you might be injured yet you are helping others wanting them to be safe and feel safe as another example we can understand.

It is normal to wish for others’ well-being, yet when we willingly wish something for ourselves, there is something very ego-way of going about it sometimes.

Most of us have been naturally doing this without thinking about it, like being told young to pray for the well-being of others type of education.

And it is something that often we do not take the time to do anymore unless something negative is happening to someone and we pray for them.

I am inviting you to take the time to wish for others what you wish for yourself. And do it mindfully. And do it daily. Do it with and from your heart space. And do it with a positive already done gratitude, knowing that the same Divine energy within you is within them, with the same abundant supply and the same Love. Yes, we also have our personal life lessons and experiences to live, so don’t wish for something specific, but for them to feel that positive energy you wish them to feel which is also the one you might wish for yourself.

And see how things are working out for you.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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