From awakening to reality

We receive the idea, and once in our mind, we can create it.

It is created from the mind to become part of your reality.

And as a human being with five senses and skills and knowledge, we create from that idea, we bring this idea forth… or not.

And the mind can also take old ideas from your subconscious, your personal database, where all that has been received and created is stored, and recreate them in your reality.

And the mind can also take old ideas and components of ideas that brought them forth from your subconscious and add those to the original idea (from previous experiences), instead of taking this new idea that was received and step away from the ego to seek within how it is meant to be brought forward, how this time this one is meant to be brought into your reality, hence some repetitive patterns.

All of this is happening without you even noticing it, unless you learn how to read yourself, to stop yourself, so you can allow your Self be part of your creations.

When you do this and can do this, you are going from awakening to reality, where before you might have been enjoying your mindfulness journey from awareness to awakening.

Take the time to see how you go with an idea you receive in your mind. Are you full speed into its creation with beautiful self-confidence, yet not taking the time to listen within for any other insights than your ego-based ones? Are you enjoying your inspirations and inspired actions to also add to what you already know? Are you enjoying only your inspirations and inspired actions to make this something totally new?

This can help break a recurring cycle that you might want to release and did not know how to.

Enjoy the process. I know I do.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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