Your World in your eyes

The unconditional Love for the world is the one you hold within yourself, from your Inner Self, from your Higher Self opening you to the Oneness that you are, that we all are. That unconditional love starts with you, with each one of us.

Today I am inviting you take the time to celebrate who you are and for this you might have to find your Self in yourself. Not the ego you, not the identity or identities you are trying to be and become, but the You deep within yourself. The perfection that you are. The powerful you that you are. It’s time to celebrate your life, all of it and your Self. If you don’t do this now, when will you do it? Why wait for a specific time or day or event or achievement?

And how can you do this? How can you celebrate to beauty-full you that you are? By looking into the mirror but only into your eyes, nothing else, is a beautiful way of doing this.

Not what you look like. Not what you see. Not what you like. Just look yourself into your own eyes. And stare for a while. Look deep within yourself. Stare until you feel tears coming up from within from acknowledging that you are deeper than your physical look and not what your ego think of yourself. Stare until you fall in love with yourself because you are perfect and unique, and this is how it is meant to be.

This is what you came to experience… your life in this body of yours; your life with the experiences of yours, your life in this timeline.

Yes, you have the amazing power within yourself to create your experiences, but you must also learn your life lessons, so what better ways to learn and master something than living it right?

The beautiful harmony in your life you are seeking has its root within yourself. The beautiful harmony your are seeking in the world has its root within yourself. Tapping into your Inner power is harmony in motion and success on all counts. Tapping into the Oneness within is how you will create the oneness you seek outside of yourself through receiving expressions of Love.

So, yes, stare into your own eyes to step away from your ego every time you need to. Stare with love.

You might be responsible for creating your world and your life, but you are not doing this alone, and this responsibility is not an ego-based type of responsibility of right and wrong, or good or bad of others or of me, myself and I; it is simply the responsibility of knowing that you can create it differently in tapping into this power where the world is in your hands, but it starts in your own eyes.

Take the time to do this exercise and make sure you only look into your eyes, the beautiful open windows to your Soul and unconditional Love. Yes, you can access your Soul your eyes closed, but try this and enjoy the process. You’ll find this very empowering.

Take the time to journal what you felt and also the intuition and inspirations that came up from acknowledging yourself. Be aware of your Self. Be aware of yourself.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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