The upleveling of your faith

Have you ever noticed that most of the time, when we must let go in situations because we are aware that there is something different, or more that it felt like letting go of our life as we knew it, it was to open ourselves to something better, like before a major move, or a major pivoting step that was opening to a totally different chapter of our life? Awareness is like turning the page to a new chapter.

Awakening, which is always beautiful work in progress, is like a pivot step that is not opening to a chapter of your life but more like a different book, although it remains in the same series.

Then I want to say that reaching the summit of awakening, I believe is like letting of your life without dying, and it is happening only once, when you find yourself totally switching series. While before, similar situations were opening to a new chapter or a new adventure in the same series with similar sceneries and cast, letting go of your life without dying is the expansion part of your Soul where there is no ego-based back-up plan because you are now, in full collaboration with your ego.

So, while your ego will be the best at its job of keeping you alive, you have carte blanche in creating where you go, but at the same time you already know everything that will take place on that canvas of yours, because it is what you came for, your own expansion and the Universe’s expansion.

And once you have reached that place, you are in for new work in progress to easily master new skills allowing you to either live around the summit or visit that summit as much and as often as you want, yet fully knowing that you are not to live up there because you still have a lot to do.

I believe this shift is the hardest thing one can mentally go through, because you must let go of all of your plans, all of your possibilities and all of what you thought to continue, and what I mean by this is you must be like the Phoenix, dying allowing a rebirth from your ashes, while alive. And this rebirth is when you have no ego-based back up plan to look up to. Like an upleveling of your faith.

There are still ego veils and there will always be, yet you see them and you even know when you create some more.

The hardest thing about faith into Higher Consciousness is that you must “have” it before you have it. Humanly this is kind of the impossible thing to get, because when we see something, we love it or not, when we hear something, we love it or not, when we touch something, we love it or not, when we taste something, we love it or not, and then from all of those do or don’t we can decide if next time we can trust it or not.

Faith is not using any of our physical being capacities, so it becomes hard because it is a knowledge from our spiritual being, therefore, to trust from within or to have faith is a spiritual thing, and can only be felt from within, hence the “we must ‘have’ it before we have it”. We must have faith before we have faith. We must have and tap into our spiritual faith before we have it and feel it in our life experience.

Yet, knowing this and having faith, we can still have some doubts about few things, which was something not totally making any sense to me growing up, because either you have faith or you don’t ̶ well that’s what I kept telling myself and that’s what I was also being taught.

In the awakening part of Oneself, one realizes that maybe for the first time there is a total trust, a trust that does not have an ego-based back up plan, which is rare because most of the time, even if we do not know how it will unfold, there is something visible and tangible to fall back on, either a place, a situation or someone… even if not desired.

And when you reach the summit of your awakening, you find yourself moving towards something but towards nothing, because your back up plan is within, so not yet visible, your back up plan is not an ego one, it is one that is still in creation and in motion in your mind.

Very often moving forward with faith, and I can speak from personal experience, there is always some worst-case scenarios known, or some sort of possibilities, yes, maybe not desired. But this upleveling of the faith is when there are none of this world in the sense that all possibilities are still energetically in motion. Of course there are scenarios and there will always be some, but it can feel like if they are in the previous book for the previous story, the previous series.

What a beautiful awareness this becomes to understand that the ego and the Soul become full collaborators from that point on.

So many people have faith in Higher Consciousness or God, or Source, but how many of them have an ego-based back up plan for everything at the same time? I know I had… all of my life, even when I was fully trusting the Universe, or God or Source, however you call the Higher Consciousness, the I AM that, I am. I knew of some ways to fall back on my feet whatever the situation would be unfolding to. Yes, maybe not the ones I wanted to, but there was. Isn’t it also what we came to experience? A life with experiences adding beautiful and less beautiful data to our database, our subconscious so we can better prepare for what comes?

Today I am inviting you to observe yourself and allow yourself to let go of some ego-based back up plan before they get all taken away from you to make sure you have none, so you learn maybe the harsh way to have faith in your Inner guru, and not have an ego-based faith.

Take the time to meditate on this. Take the time to look back on the moment you walked on with faith to see what was your ego-based back up plan so you can fully grasp what I mean by this.

Remember to Breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 🙂

(Note: This is an edited version 2022. I am editing each blog article to bring them into their book form correcting typos and adding little things here and there to make the content complete. I thought it would better reflect its message in giving you the edited version.)



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