Giving to give

Recently I was working on a project in which I was giving to receive. Well to me, the giving to give turned the focus into that because it was about giving something specific to receive something specific. Well, in a way, but first let me say this… Yes, there is the Universal Law of giving and receiving where one “must” give to receive, and this is always normally restored; but because I was focusing on what to give to receive from it, it energetically brought me away from my alignment of giving to give… and receive. And that allowed the ego to stepped in a little in “helping me” to use my intellect to give instead of my heart. There was a direct ego-based way of what can I give that I can receive from it, because it was about what can I give that “can be of value” to allow me to receive from this specific thing.

While this is great and totally normal, it was taking me away from my love of giving to give, so I was not in alignment with my own Truth.

You see, like you I am sure, I love to give because giving feels good, and for example I see myself giving with one hand and yes, I do receive… with the other hand, like I give with one hand, and I take with the other one. I am not giving with one hand and receiving with the same hand, because it is being busy to give and hand out something so it’s energy is a giving one, while the energy of the other one can become, at the same time or not, a receiving energy.

This is how I am and how I see my giving and receiving because I have learned and experienced that what we receive “does not have” to come from the same source nor the same hand.

Of course, it can, otherwise there would be no stores in the world, but even with this example, you pick up what you need from the shelves or some counter that could have been there for a while or not, and the cashier puts everything in a bag, and then you pay the cashier. There were steps and they gave you something and you gave them something, but not with the same hand, and not even from and to the same people. The cashier did not create and made available for you what you bring home (yes, yes, they could have). And the money you gave the cashier is not what the person will bring home because that person will receive a pay later. It circulates. There was always a giver and a receiver but those were not in direct relation to what they gave and receive and each one of the player in this example was not giving or receiving everything they needed from the same person. Okay this might be a simple explanation, but it was the one that came to my mind to show you how giving and receiving is not always with and from the same source. It does not have to be.

So, to focus on creating a specific giving and receiving unique option can easily trigger the ego-based mind keeping you from the law of abundance, the infinite endless supply.

Even when someone feels they are always giving or always receiving, this is not true because of the Universal balance of giving and receiving and the endless supply of abundance. They might not feel they are doing one or the other because it is not in the same energetic currency, which pleases the ego and makes the person feels guilty for always doing one or the other, not seeing that they are doing both. When such a person takes the time to sit down and make a list of all they give and receive, they can better see the ego-based mind at play.

And, you can seem to always give to someone for a while, and while your ego will make you see that you always give with/to that someone, also making you maybe feel that you don’t receive anything in return from that person… you might receive a lot from another source. So the balance is restored, you give and receive. Simply not from the same hand. But the balance is always restored. The giving and receiving Universal Law are always accurate.

There is nothing wrong with giving something to receive, but make sure it is always given to give love, to offer love, knowing you will receive in return only because you know how the Universal laws work and not because you give “to” receive. Beautiful nuance.

Today I am inviting you to take a personal inventory of your now and see if you are always giving from a loving space in your heart and in your mind. Do you always give to give, or give to receive even if it is done from a loving space for the receiver and you the giver?

You don’t “need” to give to receive because the Universe is always restoring this for you, so you can just give to give and enjoy everything that comes back in return.

I invite you to also make a beautiful list of all you are giving so you see that you are already giving a lot, and don’t forget to add things like time, affection, love, help, compassion, joy…  and make a separate list of all you have received so you can tell your ego-based mind that all is good and all is well.

We are all receiving expressions of Love and Miracles are expressions of Love.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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