Spring clean your subconscious

While we can hire people to do a big spring cleaning, we can also do it ourselves… just like we can hire a coach or spiritual coach to help us reprogram our subconscious, but we can also do it ourselves. Yes, a coach might help pinpoint also bringing tools we might not have and help us access places we would have not thought or went to on our own, but there is so much one can start with before hiring a coach, and here is a little something for you to do this on your own.

First, did you know that when you add new positive affirmations, you are adding new positive beliefs in your subconscious? Your subconscious is your personal database, and each affirmation you state, whether it is a positive or a negative one, it is being stored in your personal database, which is your subconscious.

And you know what? We do that constantly and without even noticing it. Just like now reading this, the content creates new data because you are at the same time either learning it or not, liking it or not, believing it or not, enjoying it or not… all of those things are data stored in your subconscious.  

To “change the content” of your database, to clean it like we do spring cleaning in our home, we must release what is no longer necessary or creating any pleasure, or not serving us in our now and future now, so we create space for something new. Just like you would maybe decide to get rid of old flowers on your desk that are not fresh anymore, and not bringing you any more pleasure, and maybe even leaving lots of little dry leaves all over the desk. Have you ever seen someone leaving such vase with flowers like this way longer than they could have been there not throwing them away? Maybe because even if they were wilted flowers, they still like them, they still remind them of how they were, or they prefer to leave them there until they get new ones to replace them so the space is not empty, or maybe they just don’t want to take the time to throw them away and wash the vase, so it became easier to just ignore them, and maybe even complaining about them.

It could be an old chair that no one can sit on and it’s there in the corner taking space, but for many reasons, it’s better to ignore and keep the justification alive than throw it away and maybe get a new one.

We can go with an endless list of examples.

The data in our subconscious mind are also endless.

I am inviting you to take one thing in your mind that is taking your mind space and that is not serving your now and your future now.  Enjoy doing a little spring cleaning in your mind. What can you release from what is taking too much mind space? A thought? An ego-based thought you keep feeding by either imagining it over and over or adding to it creating an undesired story? A belief about it that you wish not to believe anymore? An emotion not making you feel good about it, but you do nothing to change it? Pick something that takes mind space that you wish to release and write it down so you can see it, and so you can say “I am releasing this _____ that is no longer serving me. this is old and I am letting go of it”.  Is there something you would love to replace it with that is positive and feels right, not fake, but right in your today’s now, not tomorrow’s now? Write is down so you can see it and say it too. “I am feeling _____ because I know I am _______.”  Create your own new affirmation related to what you wish to feel now instead, which is often the opposite in your own words of what you are releasing.

Of course, this does not replace therapy and consultation, and yes, it is simplifying how reprogramming subconscious mind is done, but it is a start to bring yourself aware that there are things in your mind space that needs to be released so you create space for something new that you prefer and want in your now. Something that makes you happy, feel good, joyful.

I remember when I started studying in metaphysics years ago, there was a lot of spiritual mind treatments that were nice but did not feel very personal to me, so I was changing words here and there for others that made what I was learning positively real on a personal level.

Affirmations have a great impact on the subconscious mind when they feel real, so take the time to feel yours that you are creating from the old ones that you are releasing.

Enjoy the process.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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