Inspirations and procrastination

Have you ever worked on something thinking it was done and completed and at the last minute, you felt something was not quite right without knowing exactly what it was? Like a tiny split second thought.

I believe we all do and sometimes it clarifies itself in a very short time, and sometimes it takes a few years to see it clearly.

And other times, you might think it is only your ego in the way of moving forward so you prefer not to listen to your ego and let it go. Until the though comes back and starts being a sign. Not a sign that you made a mistake, but a sign telling you that it was great or completed, but not totally as great as it can be.

And sometimes, you might listen to that “not quite right” thought and put it aside to “never” get back to it, which might make you feel you are procrastinating.

Here is the example that brough the article to my mind today. A few years ago, I self-published a book titled So it’s a Minivan! Body image issues? What if it was teaching you something?

And the day it went online, I honestly loved it, and loved the content, but I also felt the title might be confusing and misinterpreted, so after a while of receiving this thought in my mind, I took it down and unpublished it. I know now that the feeling was only for me to take the decision to wait a little longer to bring it out, because there was a lot to be added to make it a self-help book with questions to reflect on. It was 80 pages in which I was bringing the reader to some personal understanding and hopefully awareness, and see that the body and its weight (under and over) is way more than a body and its weight. I was bringing the reader to understand the emotional issues behind any type of physical issues, weight related or not.

This was written from my professional observation and experiences as a Global Health Therapist, and also personal metaphysics knowledge and experiences on the life lessons our physical body is showing and telling us constantly. Well, it is showing us when we are not listening “within” is more accurate.

I only chose the word minivan from something funny I once said to co-workers talking about self-image issues-to me totally related to emotional issues, and them feeling bad about being overweight or not skinnier like when they were younger, to which I said that our body is only the vehicle for our Soul, and well, mine was a minivan for a while… and I knew my issues to work on, my life lessons and limitations to release that my body was showing me because I was not listening to my heart but more feeding my ego-based thoughts, and I had some old belief that were not released yet from my subconscious.

So, the fact that I chose the word minivan to talk about body image issues equaling life lessons, and the fact that I added a measuring tape on the cover with the minivan image relating to the measurement of our body instead of the issues, might have given the idea that I was only talking about overweight people and to overweight people. But the minivan was simply referring to something funny I said. And the book had funny twists in it so the image was not to be taken seriously, but you could only know that from reading it. And while this might seem like a mistake for some, it was exactly the inspiration I had in mind, but also the reasons helping me to unpublish it then.

I could also have written “what if your Soul was teaching you something” as a subtitle but at that time, I thought it might have been too deep or too spiritual for some.

My goal was to create an awareness through the vehicle you own at this moment, not the one you owned before and not the one you might own later… awareness that can unblock some body image issues…. or body image issues that can unblock and release ego-based false beliefs, awareness that can help you accept your body image the way it is, therefore knowing your beautiful self-value or self-worth… awareness about your thoughts and personal life lessons.

You know, food and exercises are not simple factors changing a body like many love to think, because many eat lots of fattening food and have the body of a skinny model with their own body image issues, and I had boot camp trainings and ran 100 km over a weekend in a relay challenge, and it did not change my physical body structure much.

Emotional trauma, illnesses and ego-based lies are hiding behind the type of vehicle we own or continue to own, and we can be aware of those issues that our Soul is trying to communicate to us through those, like a treasure map to our data to delete from our personal database, our subconscious. This is a beautiful Inner work path to walk on.

And the beautiful thing is that our self-image related to our physical body is totally related to our mindset, and our vehicle is the perfect one at the time it is for our personal life lessons to assess and learn and master.

So, to come back to my opening question, while this book was perfect as it is, I was compelled to take it off Amazon and let it sit until it was time to get back to it to add and make it better, because it was great to bring understanding, but it lacked the awareness to awakening part that I am normally offering.

Sometimes we put things on the back burner and it is not always procrastination to not get back to it on our ego-based timing.

Sometimes we must simply wait for the next inspirations with the perfect and right knowledge to continue and bring whatever was left out to bring it to its next level or next step. For example, for me, I have decided to complete some studies and did a doctorate since then. But our ego-based thoughts might makes us believe that it was not perfect, or it was not right, or that we lack of will or motivation for not getting back to it, when it is just a question of divine timing and the right next inspirations and inspired actions.

How often have you felt guilty from not pursuing something right away, making you think you quit when in fact you deeply know you will get back to it, but you also know today is not the day? Not because the ego is in your way, but because you are not inspired yet.

In the self-esteem department, this is an important thing to be aware of and understand about ourselves.

On a mindfulness and spiritual journey, there are so many things to learn and so many beautiful breakthroughs to get, and those are often reasons why the next inspiration has not come in yet to pursue something.

Today I am inviting you to look at what you left on the back burner or way under the pile of all you started and love to do but have not get back to it/them yet. Have you felt inspired once a while or not at all? Have you felt inspired following those inspired actions to then leave it there until the next ones? This is good. This is you following the steps as they come. Have you felt inspired without following those inspired actions? It’s okay, they will come back, and now you know to follow them as they are the next steps opening to the following ones.

I am also inviting you to willingly and mindfully allow yourself to receive inspirations to continue something or bring something to its next step. While you can receive “randomly” inspirations, you can also meditate and ask to receive the next right inspired actions about something.

It is not procrastination until you receive a clear inspired action and you choose not to follow up on it justifying with ego-based reasons.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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