Separate the files

Today I had another blog topic in mind but this one stepped forward wanting to come out.

Growing up when my kids were bringing me some sort of problematic situation, one of the first thing I always said was let’s separate the problems here so we can assess them one at the time because in this situation there are many components (problems) so let’s not find a one fix solution because they all have their specific one which will help solve the situation on things or one step at a time.

I do the same with clients. When we separate what is problematic, it is easy to see that the situation is not always that big of a deal to solve. It is also easy to see the flow of steps to get to it, like which one comes first opening to the next one.

So today, I was sitting and journaling my thoughts and having a mastermind meeting with Source-which is something I was doing already but our meeting energy shifted lately when I have decided that I was not “working for” Source Inc. anymore, but that “we are partners” in this Source Inc. business we own together, and this morning going through a few things on our list, I realize something I wanted but at the same time not really, also not knowing clearly why yet. I kind of put two inspired things in the same folder so when I was addressing this folder it was not what I truly wanted, not seeing that it was in fact two very distinct topics to place in two different folders until I separated them using my separate-the-components-method, which for some reasons I did not do before this morning. Well, okay, maybe because it was time to take care of it, so it was normal to dissect it only today.

From doing this and assessing each one or the task, I totally saw exactly what I wanted and this brought me a very clear understanding of something I have been struggling with often, which opened up last week in my mind: that the Divine plan always takes over my plan. There was still a little bit of that false belief left in me that made me think that some of this belief was true not all false.

Have you ever felt that? Have you ever thought this about the Divine plan and even experienced how true this can be?

Well today, with what happened with the folders and the work from each one of them I could do, what I suddenly saw was in direct correlation with this Divine plan belief. It was such a beautiful analogy making me see clearly the part that I knew was true.

While each one contained let’s say a perfect spiritual plan, and together also a very spiritual perfect one, it is only when separated that I was able to see that even if the whole thing not separated was perfect as it was and that it was very Divinely sent and inspired, it was still holding bits of my ego-based beliefs making me think that it was “it” without other options or steps, making me misaligned somehow with my now energy… because some part of it, which is what I put in the second folder was not for now but the future now. And being a very present moment person, it was not in sync with me.

This made me see very clearly how it is not the Divine plan that takes over mine, but My Divine plan, the Divine plan of my Self that takes over the one that has some ego-based bits in it-the whole perfect plan being right, but not for today’s now but future now like next year’s now for example. Beautiful nuance here.

So, when I separated the two work topics into two separate files, it became clear why I was struggling with assessing this work, because I was not into the second part of it yet, for not needing this part any time soon. So while my ego-based mind made me see that it was a whole beautiful inspired plan to look for with joy, it was not to all be assessed now.

And suddenly the clouds cleared away, the sun shined over this one file I was to assess making it so effortless to take on.

The thing is, I saw that few weeks ago, but my ego interfered very quickly in keeping these together with lots of justifications because it was presented to me together. And while I felt some resistance then, I thought it was just my ego-resistance from simply allowing it to be a task to take on.

And why today is it possible for me to see them as they are? What changed over the last weeks for me to be able to see them this clearly? Because of some Inner work I did that helped me empowered myself a little bit more about a specific topic related to the second part that I was not confident about, and being confident today made me see that something was not necessary to assess before some time next year; or not before the first part is completed.

Assessing our personal limitations makes such a difference on the path we are walking on. When you assess your personal limitations from the root-and trust me we all have some, just go read my previous articles; no matter how wise we are and how enlightened we can be, until our very last breath we are learning and evolving and spiritually growing and awakening to new levels.  This reminds me witnessing someone awakening and expressing how he wished everyone knew what he just saw not long before his last breath.

So today I am inviting you to be aware of your bits of ego-based thoughts and beliefs in your beliefs. For example, what you believe to be spiritually inspired, does it contain any part of ego-based beliefs in it? An easy way to see this is feeling inspired yet feeling it somehow heavy or not happening into your reality no matter now much you ‘’make it happen”. This means that in that inspiration, the ego found a way to step into your spiritual belief with a beautiful spiritual disguise, which is the reason to better dissect each component to make sure you can find that false tiny bit belief or that false must do now that is only ego-based thought. You will also know you found it when you will feel light and find yourself smiling with ease again.

Enjoy the process. Take the time to understand your awareness process.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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