The comfort of being passenger

It’s easier to get rid of a belief than it is to get rid of physical weight, yet, it is not the first thing one will want to get rid of-most will choose to do everything to get rid of a few extra pounds than a false belief creating low self-esteem, and why is that?

Because both pleases the ego, the false belief, and, the thought of you not being perfect the way you are making you want to change. I am using this example because it is an easy one to understand.

The change to do is right, but it might not be the right one you’ll follow through, because getting rid of a belief makes the ego getting closer and closer to the point where there will be a switch where it will take the passenger seat, and it is the last place the ego wants to be… on the passenger seat making you only aware of the few dangers down the road. Being the copilot, and not the pilot making you feel that you have no control over your destination and even the journey, and making you feel that there is a lot of dangers along the road to be protected from is what ego loves to do and bring you to, to justify everything.

Our ego is our ally, yet for many, it acts as if it was an enemy to conquer simply because when we do not love something, we tend to get rid of it, which is normal; and when we get rid of something, many often use “hate’ to drive that action, or everything that is opposite to love for you.

When the ego is in control and makes it seem like it is protecting us from all the dangers, and that we might not be skilled (enough) to face them by ourselves, we believe it, and why is that again? Because the ego takes scenic routes where it might be fun, but also feels very dangerous or scary, so you do not know that is it a game the ego is playing with you making you desire to stay in the comfort zone of your passenger seat, because for sure you do not want to drive on those dangerous roads on your own not knowing if you are skills and capable right?

The thing is, those dangerous roads yet beautiful and fun are the one the ego chose, because you can also choose your own itinerary, and you know what? You can also become very skillful so when once a while you might have a very narrow and dangerous road, you will be able to keep your control (from experience).

Today I am inviting you to become the observer of your choices when you feel you “should” do something about whatever the situation at hand is. Take the time to see what you are about to change and take the time to see if getting rid of a belief that seems to make you follow a negative train of thought is not the one to change before you do anything. And when I started this article, I started with the example of loosing a few pounds instead of getting rid of the belief that you are not enough and not perfect the way you are, because this is something easy to understand without much explication, but whatever that brings you in a low self place… become your own observer for a while.

When you think you “must” do something to “fit in”, take the time to be the observer of your own thoughts and see why you think this, and is this something you would like to change instead of becoming what and who you are not to “fit in”. Yes, sometimes changing to fit in is great, when it is according to your core values, this is growth and spiritual growth, but when you want to fit in because you don’t love where you are or who you are, that is another story and might be based on ego-based values, so become your observer about this.

Self-worth, self-love, self-esteem, self-realization do not require you to change who you are following ego-based ideas and thoughts, but it is done through Inner work, which is changing false beliefs into new beliefs that are in sync with your Inner Self and beautiful values, because the ego might have driven you away very far from your Inner Self and it is your call to drive back closer to You. How to do this? By getting behind the wheel, by saying thank you ego, I can take it from here. This is the first step. The first step is admitting to yourself and to your Self that you wish to get closer to you being authentic, real, You.

The only obstacle and danger in your way is you not seeing how much you are perfect, and divine, and beautiful, beauty-full which is not a danger to you but to your ego that will have to follow you on that road taking the passenger seat and being there only for its real role, helping you to survive in real survival conditions.

You matter because you are You. You matter because you are Unique and it is this Uniqueness that is why you exist and are here with your personal purpose and life purpose that you have yet to find, which you can easily find when you are in sync with your Inner Self.

Take your control back on your thoughts and beliefs. Don’t rush at it with ego-based ways, just accept to change from within yourself and allow the Universe, Source, God or Higher Consciousness, however you name that I AM source that you are, that I am, that we all are, to step in with signs that are personal to you. You’ll know they are Inner guidance and signs because you’ll have a Oh with a good feeling from within for a split second.

Enjoy the process of loving yourself because you are the first person to deserve your own Love.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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