The Books I did not want to read

There are many spiritual books and books of scriptures depending on the religion, there is the Tanakh, the Tao Te Ching, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita and the Holy Bible among others. But I know these from having read them from cover to cover, except for the Quran I only read parts of it when I decided to read the different books of different religions in my 20s. I was passionate and inspired to understand  for myself and not being told what it meant; I wanted my own interpretation and not someone else’s ego’s or automatic teaching.

And while now I am not relating to any religious practice loving all metaphysical approaches, I was first raised Catholic being the geographical practice then, and in my early 20s when I moved to Southern California, I went to Christian and Evangelic gatherings which is when I read the bible from cover to cover. Not because it was asked, but because I wanted to have my own standpoint on it, reading it with all its context, not just bits here and there like I have heard all my life until then. For me it was a big step, a spiritual pivot step.

When I moved back to Canada two years later, I could not find any gatherings like those, so I read it on my own from cover to cover again with a whole new perspective… twice. Then I put it aside for few decades. Not because I rejected it, but because all that was interesting to me was Jesus’ teaching and I could find that in other books. I also underlined many passages that spoke to me, and once a while I took it out opening it randomly to read what was there, just like an Oracle card, when seeking a wise message and advice, which I still do.

I allowed then myself to be curious about the other religions’ teaching which got me to read about them and their books.

And what I found is Love and Gratitude are common denominators of them all. Which is my teaching.

So, for many years I also often said that I felt inspired to extract that part of the books to help others connect with their spirituality without religious connotations, which I found is often what triggers the ego-based mind keeping one from enjoying their spirituality and spiritual practice; the ones wanting to step away from religion but stepping away from their own spirituality altogether, making them seek for Truth all over in the outside world instead of seeking it within themselves.

And yesterday, while I was into some Inner work related to some limiting beliefs to release in order to better follow my dreams, I heard it clearly that in doing this, in teaching and helping people with their spiritual practice without religious connotation to help them find their own Inner Light, and observing that all the other books did not bother me, I was in some ways rejecting the Bible one. Not because I want to talk about it. Not because I want to teach it being into metaphysics and seeing and understanding it differently. But I was simply rejecting it in my words when I was explaining that I “extracted” gratitude and meditation and Love from it to teach that, the True message of its teaching.

And while this teaching is great and help many, I found myself a few times wondering if I was not rejecting Source, or God when saying this, to which I knew I was not, but something felt off.

And yesterday it became clear… while I was not rejecting the I AM, I was rejecting in a way something that was the I AM story and wisdom… the Bible.  People wrote the books it contains. Wise people were inspired to write them in their own way at one point. And it is not because I want to get into it and work with it, but because I put it aside with the belief that people were most of the time wrongly using it, and I did not want to be part or associated to those and that kind of teaching.

So why am I okay with all the other holy books and scriptures and not this one? Because I had personal limiting beliefs and emotional trauma related to the teaching many did and do, hence the reason why I wanted to extract the teaching from the written words and stories and history.

Do you see what I mean? Does this resonate with you?

How can I fully align with my Infinite Divine Inner Power while pushing away something, anything?  I mean I don’t mind opening any book written by a wiseman, a prophet, a spiritual teacher, but there was something about this one that I did not want to be related anymore, which is its first degree of reading it and many people not understanding that it is more than that, and that’s it.

Because like I often say, any spiritual book was written from inspirations therefore from a spiritual mind space, and it must be read the same way, otherwise the human perception, the ego-based perception cannot understand its meaning and take it to a deeper level, an Inner level of learning.

How often do we reject something because we don’t want to be associated to it… from the perception we have or once have of it? It is our task to create a new perception, to find the how and whys to shift that perception to one that is true to us.

How often do we reject Source, or God, or the I AM, however you name that Higher Consciousness, just because we do not want to align with the wrong perception? Which is good by the way, but how often do we push it aside instead of simply seeing with a different perception?

When it comes to spiritual practice, it is more common than you might think, and way more often than knowing to change our perception of someone, some situation or something. Because it touches our core values, and very often even past life emotional traumas, or historical traumas if you prefer looking at that aspect with a more rational way.

So today, I would love to invite you to look into your faith and trust. Where is your trigger point making you say nope, not that, and look into your why(s), because those are limiting beliefs from false perceptions that you can change for new ones and true ones more aligned with your now and who you are becoming.

We are in a world now where it is easy to believe what we want without being cast away. And we are in a world where it is easy to have a personal spiritual practice that is different and fits our life and well-being.

We live in a world where we can be opened to talk about connecting with our Inner Self, and aligning with our spiritual being.

While way back then it might have not been allowed to bring new thoughts into cultural practices, today it is more and more okay and desired.

While way back then it might not have been okay to speak the Truth we felt within and share messages coming from the heart with others, today it is okay and desired.

How many of you reading this are also enjoying quotes on social medias and posts making you feel connected to your Soul even more? Most of us do, because it helps us allowing our spiritual being to shine out; it helps us to synchronize our spiritual being and our physical being.

Take the time to look at your personal limiting beliefs on your spirituality to bring yourself aware of where they are and see the false reasons that are not true to your now.

Remember awakening is awareness and Inner work in motion and in progress.

Enjoy the process.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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