Know what you don’t want

Recently, a few times during exchanges with people, they were saying that they do not really know what they want, and they only seem to know what they don’t want.

Guess what? This is amazing. This is you getting rid of all the ego-based mind is trying to push on you making you aware that you could want this or that from a logical standpoint or an ego-based standpoint, options and ideas from your database.

This is a marvelous step of spiritual growth and connection.

I, myself have been in this situation recently about moving to a new place and not sure about where I want to go having so many options, yet none of them seem to be the one making me say Oh yes!

This is great because it is like eliminating all the ego possibilities opening myself to what will be truly inspired for that next step.

So yes, it is an amazing thing to know all “you do not want”, because it helps you not only clarify eventually what you want, but it also helps you be receptive to newness and Inner guidance options even if you don’t see it yet; and to be aware of those you must stop trying to figure out and stop looking at the already-made options from your database, your subconscious. To simplify this… if you already know what you will choose even if it is not the best option, you will not look for anything else that could be better, so the Universe is helping you expand in making sure that you are aware of all of your choices, and that none of them are making you feel great about them, so you can eliminate them one after the other one, unless you hold on to them.

Our ego is our ally and not our enemy, but it is up to us to know how to deal with it and understand this beautiful collaboration that can exist, which can take a lifetime for many and it is all okay. No rush. We are all here for our personal life lessons and personal expansion.

So yes, when you feel you only know what you do not want, be happy and proud of yourself as you are learning how to be assertive and receptive to your Inner guidance.

Yes, be proud of not knowing what you want while knowing exactly what you do not want more and more. It is beautiful work in progress. You are being aware of your desires, and you know what is not align with them.

On the path to awakening there is the awareness and Inner work leading to awakening to every little thing. On each path to Self-realization there are the beautiful little lights helping us seeing our path until we find our own Inner Light shining brightly on all we can see and want. And if you don’t want to do this alone, you know I am here for you; we can shine some light together on your life path.

Take the time to be assertive on what you do not want so you can be open to know what you want.

Enjoy the process.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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