Limiting beliefs

When I studied to become a Naturopath from 2001 to 2005, we had two teachers who came from Nice area in France for few days workshops to add to the curriculum, and both stepped outside their medical curriculum- both were Medical Doctors discharged from the medical association because of working outside the medical spectrum; they taught us about metaphysical illnesses, and that was the most fascinating part of what became my practice. I continued during my practice years to self-educate myself following that field of energy through others who were mastering their art in that field.

And that was the reason I stopped offering naturopathic consultations per se, 4 years after I started because I felt I was not offering what people were expecting anymore because I was mostly offering consultations in finding the root of their cause and their limiting beliefs and patterns. And while I thought it was because in Quebec, the curriculum is let’s say considered the “naturopathic part of a medical program”, so the prevention curriculum part, Certified Naturopath Practitioners were not allowed to practice outside of Quebec because of those missing medical years, even though I had more than 1545 hours of study under my belt. That was my trigger point, but of course I know now it was to “push” me to follow my path.

So, I followed the energy field and the metaphysical mind treatment path, which brought me to massage therapy and Reiki where my clients were always receiving physical metaphysics advice, and mystic tools because I think it’s a fun way to communicate with the Universe, to eventually go get a bachelor’s degree in metaphysics opening to doing my Master’s and Doctorate in Metaphysics.

So this is my path for the metaphysical side of my life. And why am I telling you this today?

Because one thing that I am mostly loving about my life and I am sure it was something I put in this lifetime contract 😊 is that I am always learning by level, allowing me to “desire” another level from mastering one before I get into another new learning. It’s like if I told myself: in this lifetime I want to master something before moving on to the next.

And while I have been doing Inner work since I am about 17yo, I was and I am still facing limiting beliefs like we all do of course, but I am facing them knowing some of them and not knowing others at all. While I have been working and helping people to become aware of their now and their limiting beliefs and patterns, which is an amazing step in anyone’s life allowing growth and spiritual growth, I knew there was something more and I did not know what, but I was also not yet “desiring” it until last December from thinking that, even though I went back to University, there was something I was still missing on the limiting beliefs level. I did not know how to connect the dots between my awareness work I was doing in consultations and the spiritual mind treatments which is when you allow yourself to have a new affirmations about yourself and your life to help reprogram your subconscious so old data are totally deleted. I did not know how to connect those dots and I ask within for help, a coach or a mentor.

And then I saw Dr. Erin’s post that caught my attention and got me curious. I did the 5-day challenge to monetize your spiritual business she was offering, and I saw right there my answer, how to connect those dots. I saw clearly the part and path between the old “command” and the new “declaration”. Since I enrolled into her program, the Soulciété program, I am able to now connect the dots once and for all and integrate the new affirmations in a way that will not trigger anymore the ego-based thoughts and patterns if something comes up, because the spiritual mind treatment I knew how to find was missing its roots.

Can I tell you that since I am using her e4 trauma method on myself I have been OMG releasing so many limiting beliefs, and my life, personal and professional life has exponentially beautifully increased? I was already living my dreams, but I was not “in charge” and “responsible” the same way I am now designing them.

If you feel inspired to be authentic, be You and be real, I am right here for you and you do not have to do this alone.

The first part is being aware and see where you are in your now and assess to see and be truthful with where you really want to go without ego-based conditions.

I even changed my vision board last night because I realized that something was not on it and I  did not put it there because I had placed a condition on it even though it is something I desire from the bottom of my heart. Silly, isn’t it? Well, this is what limiting beliefs can do, keeping us from loving our desires.

Today I am inviting you to create a vision board. Mine is my screen saver on my laptop. Here is a tip to create one. I created it in a PowerPoint slide inserting all I wish or something that represents the beautiful emotion I want to feel, and then I did a screenshot and pasted it in Paint, cropped it, and voilà! You have a computer background or a photo you can leave open if you do not know how to then add it to the background file. That’s not important, you can leave it open and send it to yourself on your phone so you also have it there.

I actually have two vision boards, one with photos and one with only words of the emotions I always want to feel that are making me feel I got it all together. 😊

Take the time to do it, because when you do this, you are not only making a vision board but you are assessing at the same time, if you do it mindfully, where your limiting beliefs are and those are all data in your personal database, in your subconscious, and reprogramming your subconscious is taking care of the old data, releasing them to create more space for the new data to be added; but you must add new data to keep the program it was linked to running otherwise it will always try to find the old data. 😉 This is my connecting the dot part I saw clearly.

Enjoy the process with your vision board.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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