The ego-based exchange belief

Today in a worksheet I was uploading for some content I created, I was bringing awareness to the ones that will be using it on how when we give something, it is easy to think that what will be received in return-the energy and the value sent out and the energy and value back in, will be from the same place, or same person. This is such an ego-based limitation.

How often have you given something to someone, or helped someone to find yourselves receiving from someone else? And how often have you given to someone that never offered you anything, making that person maybe also receiving from you, a different person than the one they might have given to?

We constantly do this. We constantly give some sort of value and we constantly receive some sort of value from different places and people.

The ego-based exchange belief can create so much stress and so many expectations. It can break relationships, partnerships, family because there is a said or unsaid condition to giving something, expecting something in return from that person. It also can put a lot of pressure in the giver as much as the receiver when it does not come from the heart.

The ego-based exchange belief can even sometimes keep one from giving from the heart when the ego interferes before they follow their inspirations. I am not talking about only money here, but care, hugs, love, kindness, smile, attention, whatever one can give.

The ego-based exchange belief can easily keep our attention away from Source being our only and main source of abundance; when we solely think that giving to someone is also receiving from that someone, we are making that person the cause of our prosperity.

I invite you today to see if you put that kind of ego-based exchange condition on your giving and receiving. Because one can also get caught up in receiving and thinking that there must be something to be given in return as a thank you expression.

Take the time to assess how you deal with giving something. What kind of thought about your gesture are you feeding? And take the time to be aware also of how you deal with receiving.

We can find so many self-limitations and false beliefs in this everyday activity. One of the first steps of changing is to become aware that we can change something. And when we can become aware of any ego-based limitations and beliefs, it is always a beautiful step opening the path to awakening.

Enjoy the process.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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